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    Well first off, I have been buying store brand diapers for a few years now and i would really like to try a better diaper, but ordering online is not an option. So... I just had a few questions about medical supply stores:

    1. Are there any specific medical supply store chains on the East Coast, or are they all privately owned?

    2. How does it work: do you ask an employee for a product, do you go just pick it up and go to a register, or do you have to place an order?

    3. How is customer service; is it like a CVS store or is it more proffessional?


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    well, I am not aware of any nation chains of medical supply stores, at least, not in my area. I have not really dealt with medical supply stores, but I imagine that they would be like any other store, with product out on the floor. Though some may be different in that aspect. Any business should, theoretically, be professional. I suppose to level I would expect a medical supply store to be slightly more so. A medical supply store deals exclusively with medical supplies, so someone buying diapers wouldn't be so surprising to them as it might be to come college kid working as a cashier at Wal-Mart or something.

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    Most are small companys just a few stores in larger towns and citys, I'm sure if you ask for a certian diaper they may carry it or can get it for you.

    The ones I have been in just have sample merchandise around the store crutches wheel chairs etc, the main stuff such as diapers may be in the back if the store is large enough, and if they don't have it at one of the small stores they usually have a wherehouse in the area.

    The ones I have been in are run by professionals knowledgeable of the prouducts they sell not high school kids with an after school job.

    The biggest here in Northeast Pa is Wasserotts, they may have a store near you.

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    Most medical supply stores I have seen are a show room with samples of the merchandise where you order from a employee and they bring it out from the back. Some stuff might be on shelves including diapers but a most stuff is only accessible to employees. This is because they don't want people messing with it or stealing it and it's cheaper to run a store that way. In my experience you can get good diapers there cheaper than the crumby diapers at the drug store.

    Because of the way they are set up you actually get customer service. The employees almost always know what they have, where it is and usually how well it works; rather than your typical retail store where they just say if we have it whatever it is it's over there somewhere. There is usually at least one nurse working in one.

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    Like every one said above, most of them have alot of different stuff. For them most part they are helpfull I have had a few problems like I know diapers work the best and all they want to suggest is a pullups or pads. But most of them have a good brand like Tena or Attends and a cheaper one. If you are lost just ask them and sometimes they have samples of different products so you can try them. Good luck it can be weird or make you nervous but they won't judge you. Like the current store where I but mine from she saw me at a local hospital I work as a Paramedic and she respected me and acting like she didn;t know me. Medical Supply stores are a better place to buy from cause they are most of the time not as busy and they no worry about people seeing you.

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    There is one around here that does have an online store as well. They're only 4-5 stores, and they carry molicare as well as a couple cheaper brands. The staff is great, and they don't pick on people. ever. Best to look around what whats in your area, and give them a shot.

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