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Thread: Certainty Fitted Briefs

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    Smile Certainty Fitted Briefs

    I just made a random trip to Walgreens to see what the fuss is about.

    I ran out of Bambinos, and placed an order on some new Cushies but I don't expect those to be coming any time soon so I needed a diaper to have in the mean time.

    I gotta say, I think these make my padded butt pretty cute.

    The "tapes" are like a velcro thing going on and it has a cloth-like backing around the diaper. I haven't wet it but i'm sure it's good for 1-2 wettings before getting all bad. Really, aesthetically, I love these diapers. I'm wearing one over a soaked Pamper's Underjams (i'm surprised I fit -- but they feel so awesome wet! Better than GoodNites) and the look on the diaper on me is very nice. I love it!

    I swear, the only downside to these diapers are:

    a)Lack of Leg gathers/leak guards

    The price is awesome and used in conjunction with some stuffers or something make these an awesome diaper in my opinion!

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    I agree these are decent diapers. I wear them during the day when I want a diaper on just to have a diaper on. They are discrete and will hold a decent wetting and the price is great.

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    I wrote this big long review on these! They are my favorite general wear diapers.

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    I have only used them a couple times and they last one to two wetting and then they are done. If you wet more than that then you have leaking problems.

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    These are still my favorite diapers. I love everything about them. The only thing they need now are some cute designs.

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    I like these as well, especially because the "tape" is wider than any of the others that I have used. As others have said, though, after a couple wettings, you need to change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peaceful View Post
    I like these as well, especially because the "tape" is wider than any of the others that I have used. As others have said, though, after a couple wettings, you need to change.
    This is true, and I figure that by the time you need to change, you should change anyways to avoid a diaper rash.

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    I'm going to be getting my First Diapers soon, and I'm thinking about these, or Walmart Assurance Diapers. Which ones do you guys recommend?

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    I would recommend either of them. I think they both have their pros and cons. I like the certainty ones because of the wider tape, but I don't like them due to their lack of standing leak guards. As for the Assurance, I like them because they do have the leak guards, I feel more babyish in them, and they are reasonably thirsty. The downside to them is they don't have the type of tape that the Certainty ones do.

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    I do like these diapers quite a bit aswell. The only real problem I've had with them was I had the tapes tear off the wings on a few.

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