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Thread: Hi from Kenshin

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    Default Hi from Kenshin

    hi hi everyone im Kenshin Talian nice to met you ^_^

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    Hallo thar, comrade!

    Care to tell us more aboot yourself?

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    Welcome to the site from a fellow Carolinian. I'm an from NC just across the boarder from the Gaffney Blacksburg area.

    How about telling us a bit about yourself. We like to hear about the person inside the diaper as it were.

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    Hi there and welcome to the site! Do you have any hobbies and interests such as music, sports or even video games? Hope you enjoy it here.

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    kenshin... as in samurai X?!?!?! omg omg omg !!!
    EDIT: forgot the most important -.- -> welcome aboard!
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    Welcome to ADISC! Do you have any hobbies or interests that you would like to share. I hope that you enjoy your time on this site and also our supportive and caring community as well. Peace and Love

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