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Thread: Hi!Nice to meet you

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    Cool Hi!Nice to meet you

    I am a sissy baby who wears both diapers and drag.Well Usally.I love wearing diapers and have thought of them and female garments as security blankets since I was two.I didn't devolp a fetsh untill I was seventeen(didn't hit pubetry untill then either).I Would love to know if some on could tell me the size coversion (womens to girls) for panties and out fits as well as mens to womens.I never knew why they were a security blanket to me they just were.My family (exepct my mom who buys me these thing) know nothing about my crossdressing or wereing diapers.I still liuve with my mom even though i am nineteen because my college is less than five minutes away from her apartment.I was also wondering is there any way some one can get diapers for free (from doctors,insurance,and gov etc...) My doctor already thinks I am icontinent.I used to take heavy pschatric meds when I was a teen as well as meds for bed wetting.I was in state custody from thirteen to eightteen so as you can imagine I am not very acurate when it comes to current events.How ever my urolgist can't help but believe me bcause all of my info is lost in the state system.And because I wet the bed (chemical inbalances)I can just say the same about day time aswell.I suffer from extreme bipolar and half of the time I'm manic so I often talk or type fast even though I have to look at bthe key board.Wheeee My heads spinning at a thound miles ANd it won't stop

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