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    I've been trying to get hold of some Bambinos or Secure X plus, but so far i havent been very lucky, but today i came across this site while searching on Google:

    I would like to buy some diapers from them, but before i do iam asking if anyone here have any experiences with them?.......And to be honest, my first impression of their webiste wasn't too good. They use a Gmailaddress, and a single grandmother selling AB diapers?? Well...i don't hear that every day.

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    I wouldn't go for them. It don't seem to have that "professional" look on the site.

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    Never heard of it.

    After a few bad experiences... I tend to stay away from AB/DL specialty companies when ordering disposable diapers. All these places do is buy diapers by the case and re-ship them. You can typically get a better price and far better service by shopping through a "normal" medical supply company.

    Now I understand that you are trying to get your hands on some diapers that are marketted specificly in the USA. It is typically very very expensive to ship something like that cross-border. My advise to you is please just be patient and bide your time. Send the manufacturer an e-mail expressing interest in their products if you like... they can give you better information on international availability than any of us can.

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    The site doesn't claim to be 'professional' in fact the owner is (allegedly) a "single grandmother"....blah blah blah...anyway...I think the shipping costs would be prohibitive if you are living in Europe, since the company is in Canada. In fact she mentions shipping IN Canada but doesn't mention shipping outside the country (international shipping is expensive).

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    Quote Originally Posted by HardcoreMickal View Post
    I wouldn't go for them. It don't seem to have that "professional" look on the site.
    you gotta start somewhere

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