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Thread: What's the Difference Between ABU Super Dry Kids and ABU Cushies?

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    Default What's the Difference Between ABU Super Dry Kids and ABU Cushies?

    I want bu the new UBA Cushie on ABUniverse going buy bage first before go to buy large just try them . Also what the different between UAB Super Dry Kids vs UAB Cushies there both the same look just little different one whit other all like new baby diaper see on market. I check price all same UAB Super Dry Kids cost the same as UAB Chushies why that.

    To me the pricing System on ABUniverse is all mess up never seen anything like the way do it and amout get each way crazy but do like and why will try one of . I would like get all time but wear for need so cost me a lot just go months for this would not work if gave you 96 or 64 in case would be fine but 40 seem little crazy for 75.85 with shipping.

    What everyone thought on the amount and cost that have on there too.

    I figure out just two case would need for a month would cost me 185.68 with shipping include for 80 of them that more I would pay from bambino or anywhere.
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    That nut I could but closet to 200 diaper from other company or large amount from bambino diapers what 64 per case and get more the amount than ABUniverse would do.

    I mean don't get wrong there nice diapers but seem like could go buy diamond ring for my girl for that price.I can not understand what all don't see what wrong with picture the cost like out this world no wounder call there self ABUniverse there out of there mind for prices and amount .

    See i'm not mess would this how much diamond ring cost and there diapers got throw way after used sonot like keep them .

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    They're a pretty small company, so their prices need to be high to support themselves. It probably also costs a larger than average cost to produce their diapers, even though they are around average quality.

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    Yeah I know That why email bambino suggest make something smilar to what that did what we all would be able get cheaper price . I'm still going to buy this on till bambino come out with something like this and who the price may go down in future .

    Long as got good custome service and not mess or paying they got life long customer.
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    Sdk an cushies are the same diaper, I will post pics later comparing

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    Price is stupid. A stuffed depend is my new luxury diaper, theyre SUPER absorbent and they smell like cruisers. I think you have to pay extra for ABU to spray your diapers to get that smell. Utterly retarded.

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