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    Hi, I've looked through the forum for a little while now, and at the moment this is helping me procrastinate writing an essay, so I figured why not join.

    In the past I considered myself a TB, but as I shed that classification and passed into AB, I lost interest in that aspect and just stuck with DL. I live in east Tennessee, USA so I've lived in a generally conservative area which does not go along well with being gay.

    Speaking of that, I've been with my boyfriend/partner/whatever for over two-years now, so we've effectively broken at least one stereotype. He's actually my dorm roomate (college), which has not caused any problems with our neighbors or administration. I'm a sophomore majoring in Psychology (concentration in clinical) and minoring in Sociology. And next semester I plan to lose my free-life and begin formulating a thesis and collecting data. Aside from school I'm generally playing games, hanging out at a local coffeehouse/bar/performance place, and running.

    Suppose I should get on that essay now.

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    Hey Hey, Sys

    Congratulations on the two-years ^^. Anyway, i've been considering studying psychology; what's it like? Have fun writing your thesis, that seems like a big task.

    Welcome to the site!

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    It's very interesting and diverese, like most subjects. I'm heading for grad school to get my PhD after this and I'm looking into three different areas that really have little in common. I would assume most schools require this, but take as many different types of psychology classes as possible, you may not use all of them, but it helps narrow stuff down. I completely changed what I wanted to do after my second class.

    Sociology is cool too.

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    Welcome to ADISC! THAT IS ONE OF THE CUTEST AVATARS I HAVE EVER SEEN AND I AM NOT A FAN OF CATS! I hope that you enjoy your time here and also our supportive community we have here as well. Peace and Love

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    Why thank you, lol. It's actually something I made up for my team's name in one of my classes, and I eneded up making a picture for it, The Kittercorn. So essentially kitten+unicorn.

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