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    Smile Abena body stocking

    Has anyone tried this? I have always wanted to get one, but never thought about it when ordering. Last week I ordered one and it came in last night. Put it on and it is pretty neat. I'm not quite used to the 'wife beater' style t-shirts, and this is kinda what the top feels like.

    It has 3 snaps in the crotch that are kinda hard to put on yourself, but that seems to be the idea. I it keeping me wet diaper from sagging, and the tapes from getting caught when I move at night. All in all, it does exactly what it was designed for. I was wondering if anyone else used them and what they thought.

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    I've thought about getting one, though they're expensive-ish and my experience in buying pre-made "baby" items has been lacklustre due to weird dimensions they make them in.

    Nice little review though. I'll reconsider getting one.

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    I have both the "wife beater" style and the style that creates a pair of shorts when the snaps are connected. Both are great. they are made with a cotton/lycria material that give a good amount of stretch and flex to ensure proper fit. They do their job exceptionally well agains other onesie/bodysuits as they were not made with AB's in mind but incontinents and people with mental incapacities.

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    I have one and think they are great. Other onesies that are made from just cotton don't fit as well. The Abena ones fit the body & diaper like a glove. They have many different types available. They have them with short sleeves, long leg, (like bike shorts) etc. But are a little harder to find. A great alternative is a wrestling singlet.

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    Well, I've never heard them called "wife beaters", but I'm in one of the armless/legless bodystockings now. It's really comfy and keeps my nappy from sagging or becoming loose. It also stops most or the rustling and reduces the profile, so I feel a bit more discreet.

    I've got the other kind with the legs too. No idea what I paid for them, but I've had them a few years now so I reckon they're well worth the money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barkd74 View Post
    A great alternative is a wrestling singlet.
    :O Why didn't I ever think of this? I wrestle, and that idea never crossed my mind, many thanks

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    I have the Abena bodystocking, and I must say; I love it!

    A few quick things though:
    1) Leaks are NOT your bodystocking's friend. Over time, the blue dye used on the wetness indicators on Abena diapers has rubbed off onto the material leaving it bluish colored. Not cool.
    2) Do not attempt to iron your bodystocking. I did a little spot cleaning on mine and attempted to press it with an iron to dry it a bit faster, not paying attention to the fabrication.
    3) After some time, the material around the snaps has begun to tear a bit. All three snaps function, but it's quickly deteriorating.

    All in all, the bodystocking is superb for keeping a saggy diaper in place, keeping your confidence high that even if your shirt rises up, no one will see a waistband, and if you're *B, it is practically a onesie!

    Recommended item.
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    I have an armless/legless abena bodystocking and several similar others from another brand, all of them bought a couple of years ago. They're simply great for holding the diaper in place and avoiding it sagging or showing under an untucked t-shirt. They also somewhat enhance the "diaperedness" sensation.

    Alas, I rarely use them, since due to their glove-like fitting they make me sweat like hell if I'm doing anything that requires some physical movement.

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    I've got one myself, had it for quite a while actually. I personally love it, it's a great way to help keep your diaper from sagging and like other's have said, it does hide the fact that you are wearing a diaper if say your shirt were to ride up or something.

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    I order my onsies from great prices and great products

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