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Thread: AIO cloth, What do you think?

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    Default AIO cloth, What do you think?

    I'm thinking of getting an All In One Cloth Diaper, i just want to know what people think and are they easy to dry? because i dont own a dryer.

    many thanks

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    Advice from a real mom here, AIO's will take much longer to dry than traditional standard cloth diapers. i.e. Flats, prefolds. The drying issue being only one of many cons with AIO's.

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    Drying can be a real problem with AIO's, whether you're using a dryer or hang drying. They can also be more difficult to get clean, depending on thickness.

    I recommend pocket diapers. They're just as easy to put on as AIO's, but the waterproof exterior can be separated from the soaker, making laundering a lot easier/faster. I use these: Buying Adult Diapers Snap-EZ 4 Life. They're high-quality and I expect them to last a long time, but they are kinda expensive. I stuff them with cotton prefold diapers. The waterproof exterior hang dries overnight (it can also be tossed in the dryer). The cotton prefolds take considerably longer to hang dry, but it's do-able if you wring them out first.

    A member here (LuvsGirl) also makes pocket diapers on her Etsy store; her prices are cheaper than Snap-Ez. I haven't personally tried hers, but I've heard good things.

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    As a cloth diaper lover, I will say of the 3 types I have, cloth diaper needing separate plastic pants, pocket diapers, and AoI, AoI's are the simplest (convent) in that it one item snap the old one off and snap the new one on and you are done, just like a disposable diaper, but I have found they absorb less, are not good for night times (only good during the day) because there is less room to put more absorbency in. They are not the best kind of cloth diapers, I would take the other 2 types first, but they are still better (and cheaper) the disposable. But by far not my first choice.

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    I tend to use the all-in-ones as an added layer of security, worn over a night-time cloth diaper. Since they do not really contact the skin, only the other diaper, cleaning them is not a problem, but they do take a longer time to dry after they have been washed.

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    The waterproof layer in all my AIOs failed rather quickly leaving them but crappy fitteds.
    I don't recomend them over cloth with plastic pants.

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    Over the many years various types of AIO baby diapers have been available, the experience of parents is that the waterproof layer frustrates drying and getting the inside surface of the cloth clean.

    The concept of an AIO is to me illogical. Diaper cloth should be washed in hot water. Only rarely-used boilable vinyl can be safely washed in hot water. With a separate waterproof pant, that can be washed in luke warm water and air dried away from the sun. Meanwhile the separate cloth diaper can be machine washed in very hot water and dried in a machine if desired, or on a line in direct sunlight.

    The cloth diaper can still be built like a pull-up, with snaps for easy removal if messy. What is the functional problem with pull-on waterproof pants?

    When changing the diaper, it is not always necessary to put on dry waterproof pants, especially when inconvenient.

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    Quote Originally Posted by angelabauer View Post
    The concept of an AIO is to me illogical. Diaper cloth should be washed in hot water. Only rarely-used boilable vinyl can be safely washed in hot water.
    I agree with this for >90% of the adult AIO's produced, since the majority of adult AIO's unfortunately pair diaper cloth with vinyl. However, there are new materials--namely PUL, polyurethane laminate--that do very well in hot water. They can also be thrown in the dryer to no ill effect. Unfortunately, this new material is slow to infiltrate the adult market; I've only seen a handful of manufacturers use it (see my above link). It's great stuff, though--very durable, doesn't harden over time like vinyl, and there are some great prints . It appears to be the waterproofing material of choice for an overwhelming majority of modern (baby) cloth diaper manufacturers.

    But I still stand by my statement that AIO's--even those made with PUL--are more difficult and slower to clean when compared with pocket diapers or the old-school prefold/flat diapers + separate waterproof cover.

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    thanks for the response everyone. it seems that i need review my thoughts. as i said i dont own a dryer and rely on a make shift washing line in my bedroom.

    so the pocket diapers have the waterproof outer cover, a space for a soaker and fabric on the inside. am i right?

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