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Thread: The feeling of a wet diaper

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    Default The feeling of a wet diaper

    I wonder if this is common with other ABs/DLs.

    I have read that when a child is ready for potty training one sign is that they don't like the feeling of a wet/messy diaper. I have also read that some claim a perk of cloth diapers is that children learn to dislike a wet diaper sooner then in disposable.

    Well I wear cloth diaper, and if I wet before going to sleep, or the rare times I wet the bed (or times I forgot I wet before going to sleep therefor thinking I wet the bed I am now sure yet, tring to learn to wet the bed, and only had 3 nights so far this year where I think I might have wet the bed) whe I wake up the dieaper does not feel any different to me then a dry diaper, I just can not tell the difference. I am wondering 1) is this common not to be able to tell the difference between a dry or wet diaper? 2) do other ABs/DLs have the same experience?

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    No. Being wet definately feels different than being dry.

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    I cant say I cant tell the difference, but I can attest that when I have been wearing dry for a few hours and then wet, I cant really tell the difference until I change back into dry, which I why I get really nervous and keep checking for leaks. But once I change back into a dry one, it definitely feels different, but then I guess I break it in after sitting around.
    So, to answer your questions:
    (1) I dunno if its common, but its not unheard of.
    (2) Since I have a very similar experience, I suppose it would happen to many of us. I would assume it would happen to most of us, since I doubt we would notice the difference unless the change was unpleasant.

    I hope this helped =]

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    Butterfly Mage


    A good diaper (like Abena) feels less wet than a cheap diaper. Modern children's diapers are designed to keep the kids as dry as possible. This is likely a factor in the potty training age being moved from age 2 to age 4.

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    At least for me, a wet diaper definitely feels different. Especially temperature. For the most part it's warmer (fresh pee) or colder (been sitting in it for a while) when wet. Dry ones stay about the same temperature as your body's skin.

    I would say it's uncommon not being able to tell the difference.


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    I will agree that it is the diaper that makes the difference. I always used Depends and getting a small sample of ATN Diapers were great as it actually felt like it was pulling the wetness away from the body.

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    Remember that most toddlers are up and walking around. I certainly can feel my diaper as wet when I'm up and about. It's only when I'm in bed that the sensation becomes less. Up and walking causes a cloth diaper to leave one's skin and make contact again, creating the wet feeling.

    They make disposable training diapers for toddlers. The diaper has a part that is designed to keep wetness against the skin so that the child feels uncomfortable and then wants to use the toilet. That's the theory anyway.

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    disposables I definitely feel, but I actually not really feel a wet cloth diaper. I sweat a lot when I wear cloth diapers and plastic pants, so my diaper's always a bit wet, and that might have something to do with it. There's always some moisture on my skin, and any air around my diaper area will be high humidity, so I don't really notice the difference when the diaper is soaked. At least, that's my theory. But it might be different for a child, since children presumably sweat less(?)

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    It's not that unusual. When you wake up wet you are not moving and are covered in blankets so you are warm all over. When you wet during the day you feel the wet cloth moving against your skin and it is warm compared to your other clothing.

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    As a kid, I had cloth and plastic pants and they keep you comfy, even if they are wet. The plastic pants keep body warmth in too and for kids who are wet, they're not uncomfortable at all. This can be a problem when potty training them because they don't care when they are wet. If you take their plastic pants off them, then their clothes (and probably the furniture and the carpet) will get soaked when they pee. But the diapers will get cold in a hurry too and they probably will want to be changed.

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