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    Default babyfur game

    dose anyone know of a game involving diapers or babyfurs that you can play as that is not online. i am currently enroled in a military schoola nd they dont let us have internet acess. so i am looking fo something that can be played offline. dose anyone know of somthinglike that

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    because i screwed up and my parents sent me there to straiten me out. and because they thought it would cure me of my babyfur and diaper thing but after seeing that i would not give it up they have just stoped trying. but they said if i want diapers i have to buy them myself. to expensive and i have to save up for a car

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    actualy it is. i absolutly hate it. i am always picked on and beat up. and dont have anyone to comfort me. and i cant go to my room and cuddle up with my plushies and relax or cry. so mor times than not i freak out and get made fun of more

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    First, i feel sorry for you and I wish you the best. And some of this is ment for a laugh, some might be a bit harsh, some is just what i used to do and cope with my bullying problems

    1. Find a site where you and watch the movie Major Payne and get a laugh

    2.If they dont stop and you cant get help. Take matters into your own hands and stand up for yourself, dont let yourself get walked on.

    3. Worst case senario. if you need to. Close up, strip away your emotions, your hurt, your anger, your pain. Take it all put it into a ball and lock it away. They wont get satisfaction if you dont give them a response.

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    i am on the verge of doing the third one. and i cant stand up for my self because one i am not strong at all and 2 if i do i get my rank taken away and i get tours. which means i have to march every day for 2 hours untill i march all the tours off

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    One thing i will warn you about if you do the third one, is if you do it for too changes you and not for the better. It can eat you up inside and you will become nothing but an empty shell.

    You dont need to be physically strong to stand up for yourself. How you present yourself and defend your self verbaly has its own strgrenth.

    Also if your being harassed and beaten up. And standing up for yourself gets you punished. That is one big fuck up of a school. (now i dont mean fight back and knock the kids balls into outerspace, lol. that would diserve punishement. But there has to be something you can do)

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    but you are right, the problkem with the verbal stuff is it dosent work after being at the shcool for 3 years like most of the kids there are you arnt offended by it any more

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    you seem to really be in a bind. i feel sorry for you and hope things work out.

    feel free to contact me if you ever need a friend

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