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    Default Sports Diaper

    Do any of you wish they made a diaper for incontinent people who play sports? Like a VERY absorbent one the moves with your body? or do they al ready have one like that???

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    typically very absorbant and moves with your body are opposite things...

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    I think Tena makes one. Its on northshorecare somewhere. Have fun navigating for it... (really, it is entertaining)

    Edit: found it!!!Tena Protective Underwear

    Who says wishes dont come true?
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    I've thought about this before. If i wanted to go for a jog diapered, all the material would just clump down to the center wouldn't it? I guess your best bet would be to go with cloth.

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    I would wear it all the time in public because it would be so discreet. We should invent one!

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    Have you looked at the various swimming nappies? I have one and it great for when i am doing taekwondo and need to be protected from little accidents.


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    a swim nappy or a sports diaper? can you give us a link to where it can be found???

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    Have you considered the pad-and-pants system?

    Basicly it's the absorbant part of a diaper... without the wings and tapes. You put them inside "Fixing Pants" which are basicly snug and stretchy underwear.

    These are supposedly very popular over in Europe as an alternative to a full diaper. I imagine they would fit very snugly... and offer the full absorbency range of a thick diaper.

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