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Thread: Man makes love to a bench...

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    Default Man makes love to a bench...

    This is not a new story, but it's new to me! This man makes love to a metal bench and almost loses his penis! Once erect, it won't come out! He has to be taken to the hospital with the bench! I feel so good about myself after seeing this.

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    Why does everyone dive into my personal life!?!?

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    Ancient... poor guy.

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    Apparently, when this guy heard the term "riding the bench", he had something else in mind.

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    Wow. That's wicked...nifty. I don't know about the rest of you guys, but once I got stuck, it would totally kill the mood, I'd get soft, and totally go sex up a tree or something. Why the heck did this guy stay erect?! xD

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    The constriction probably did not allow the blood to escape his penis.

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    Maybe it was one of those viagra mishaps? Perhaps he took some viagra while wasted, thinking it was like, tylenol or something, and passed out on a bench, twenty minutes later -Boom!- Stuck!

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    The really, really sucky part is, he might not ever be able to get it up again. Oh, wait, I guess that is a good thing for society. Hehe!

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