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    Former President Clinton was taken to a New York Hospital today complaining of chest discomfort. There were 2 stents placed in his Coronary Artery. He is expected to make a full recovery. I guess he will not be visiting a McDonald's any time soon. Even though I was not a fan or supporter of his I hope he will be okay and make a full recovery.

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    Butterfly Mage


    There have been so many days in the past 9.5 years that I wish Bill Clinton was still president.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butterfly Mage View Post
    There have been so many days in the past 9.5 years that I wish Bill Clinton was still president.
    AMEN to that. Clinton was one of the few presidents who was said to be able to go to hell, meet the devil, and come back with out one scratch on him.

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    Butterfly Mage


    The other thing that I admire about Clinton is that he started with NOTHING. He had an abusive father. He grew up dirt poor. He worked his ass off to get through college. He earned everything he ever claimed as his own. He has known poverty and I doubt he ever forgot what it felt like. He was not as disconnected from reality as many of the presidents I've been alive to see.

    Put it this way: the only drama he had in eight years was having a marital indiscretion. We've had so much worse in our presidents.

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