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Thread: I was discovered 30 minutes ago.

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    Angry I was discovered 30 minutes ago.

    I was playing a video game about 30 minutes ago when my mother came in and said good night. She asked me to brush my teeth, and as I was doing so, she called me,
    "Come here... What the hell is this?"

    Now I will mention what happened last night. It was late and I was the only one up. I was having a good time, reading on ADISC and chilling out in a diaper. Then I decided it was time to go to sleep. I decided that I would put on a diaper for the night because I sometimes *need* one. (Read my other post on that...) But I got distracted and dropped the diaper, and then when I had come to my senses, I couldn't find it. I looked on the wrong side of the bed! So I got another diaper and went to bed.

    So if you read this, it makes it clear that what she found was the missing diaper! She was picking up my pillows when she saw it. I responded to her question by telling her a half truth: that I was wetting my bed. Note that I do sometimes, but I mentioned that but not my TB/DL side.

    She seemed concerned, rather than mad, and she asked where the rest were. I told her another half-truth, under my mattress. There were several full diapers there, and she asked questions like how often it happened, etc. I answered them all.

    She claims she isn't mad, only concerned about me. I will be seeing my doctor, as some of you guys have recommended to me in my other thread. I begged her not to tell my father, which she accepted, but she is not that trustworthy.

    I am writing this in hopes of response, because I am worried and have feelings of stress and anxiety. I can't sleep.

    Thanks for reading, please respond.

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    dude...I wish you luck...i hope this all turns out well for you

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    Thanks very much, ThatKid.

    What drives me mad the most is that it was the ABSOLUTE NOOBIEST MISTAKE I'VE EVER MADE! After about a year of diaper wearing, all the careful precautions and thoughtful security measures, THIS was my downfall! UGH!

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    That sucks dude...I hope all gose well for you.

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    all anyone can say here is good luck. ther's not much advise to give because the damage has been done. try not to worry yourself too much. its your parents job to be concerned of you, even if you don't want them to be. don't worry about the doctor too much. i know there's some pritty painful tests, but i don't think that'll be their first resort. sence your bedweting probably isn't a horrible medical issue, they probably won't use the horrible tests.

    best of luck to you, and don't worry. worrying is what makes uncomfortable situations bad situations. keep your cool, don't stress out, get some sleep, and know that it'll all be over soon.

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    Parents are never trustworthy. Just think of all the time they are together without you! Like when theyre falling asleep, when you're with friends. I dont mean to be a negative nancy, but I'm pretty sure she will tell your dad.

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