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    Smile Nylon Track Pants

    Hey every one I am wondering how many of you ab/dl's wear Nylon Track Pants over your diapers to hide the noise?
    I myself love the feel of the soft nylon and the fact that they cover any noise my diaper makes is great, most every one that knows me, knows that if I am wearing my nylon track pants I am most likely wearing a diaper under it.
    and any one that does not know I wear diapers never will because the nylon makes enough noise to cover the sound of my diaper as I walk or move.

    try it out it is great if you want to wear out in public for the first time.

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    Not sure if it's the same thing, but I wear spandex boxer-briefs over my diaper (and without the diaper too). I like the close fit and the additional support for the diaper when it's been used.

    I am looking for a new supplier, the Merino brand from Target no longer has a fly opening and that is something I need.

    Hmm, I wonder if this is a New York thing

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    Swishy pants? Absolutely. If I were to ever wear out, those would be my pants of choice.

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    I wear those everyday, all of mine are addias 3 stripe, I get them at the thrift stores for around 2 bucks or less, some are noiser than others, the material differs on some, some I have are quite silent and other are very noisey.

    I love to wear plastic covered disposeables and plastic pants, and the nylon pants as the other covering, I also wear a nylon coverd bomber jacket, yes I do make alot of noise when I walk, the colder it gets the more noise I make.

    I started wearing the nylon pants after my accident because my leg was twice it's normal size, and wouldn't fit in jeans, and I just kept wearing them from then on.

    They are also great if you happen to get a leaker, dry's quickly and with the dark blue almost invisable to others.

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    i wear nylon pants all the time, except they are the really high quality ones that don't make to much noise. I find it that regular jeans would cover the noise better in these. but i normally like track pants, i should find some of those cheaper ones that make alot more noise.

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    i love the button up track warm up pants when wearing a diaper. They're so light and comfortable. As for the spandex briefs, care to share?

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    It's funny you bring that up. Right now I'm wearing my first ever Abena, and track pants. I have to agree they work great.

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    Yup I wear trackies all the time with diapers. Hides the noise quite well. I also love long leg sport boxer briefs. All of my favorite underwear has spandex.

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    I did once but it was almost a disaster. See they where a size biger and while i was walking around i steped on my own freaking pant leg somehow. I know no one saw it but that was scary.

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