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Thread: Most disturbing Winter Olympic sport

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    Default Most disturbing Winter Olympic sport

    I vote for doubles luge. There's something that just seems wrong about that.

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    I wouldn't watch someone playing in the snow if you payed me, so watching the winter olympics or any olympics will be on my TV.

    Those people need to get a job instead of trying to make a living off some lame sport.

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    Yea! You tell it Ballucanb! Those slouchers, slacking off doing bugger all except you know trying to be the best in their field. Lazy if you ask me, we should put them all in the army, and have done with it!

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    Damn it.. I thought they finally added baby seal clubbing to the event line up!

    Curse you obscure title!

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    I personally like the winter olympics, much more so than summer. However I still don't get the 2 man luge, I mean I just don't get how someone wakes up one morning and says to themselves, "I think I'll do the 2 man luge" I just don't get that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    Damn it.. I thought they finally added baby seal clubbing to the event line up!

    Curse you obscure title!
    if only it were a sport...hehe.

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    I'd rather watch Winter X Games.

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    Well Curling is like work. They just need to be sweeping out a store instead of the ice.

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