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Thread: RIP Phil Harris

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    Default RIP Phil Harris

    One of the captains on the show "Deadliest Catch" has passed away!!

    I wish his sons all the best & I hope the rest of the crews can support them as they move forward & take the reins of their dad's boat!!

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    Wow, Really? What weird timing cause I was JUST watching Deadliest Catch on Youtube. How very, very sad.

    It's gonna be weird and depressing to not have Phil on the Cornelia Marie. Only 53, he was half way through life.

    RIP Phil, you were one of my favourite captains. You were the one who had the biggest balls of steel, in my opinion. May you be catching all the crabs you can dream of in the After Life. It sad and ironic that you died before people older than you, but you have had more of a life than they will ever have.

    Here here!

    *raises beer bottle to Phil*

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    Thats too bad. (which is more than just bad, because there's too much bad)

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    Oh, that guy! I do feel bad for his family even though I have never seen the Deadliest Catch.

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    I've watched the show as well. Yeah, that guy was tough. I was surprised, Icey, to see the article came from the I remember when they were a real newspaper. We had to get the Herald when I was a senior in high school for an economics course I was taking.

    You just never know when you're going to die. I read in the newspaper on Wednesday where a guy who played high school football with my son died. He would have been 33. I used to take him home from practice. He was so good at football, that he had a scholarship to play in college. Life can be very cruel, especially when it takes the young.

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    Man, that sucks. Though if one of their main guys was gonna go, I would have suspected that it would be him. Especially after the clot that passed through his heart and into his lungs. Well, my thoughts and prayers will be with his family for awhile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tk7432 View Post
    Oh, that guy! I do feel bad for his family even though I have never seen the Deadliest Catch.
    same here

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    This guy was my favorite captain and his ships is one of the funnest to watch. Mainly since they always have two or more people from the same family on the boat so there's always some fighting/joking going around. I hope they keep the camera crew on the boat still.

    If not the only fun person left will be Sig Hannson.

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