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    Ok, now that Super Bowl 44 is in the books & there are championship hats, shirts & other things to get from it!!

    Does anyone order that kind of stuff to have & keep as a memory of that event or anything from other sports, like baseball or hockey? Plus, autographed things like; hats, balls, helmets or pictures?

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    I collect Hockey memorabilia, mainly the Toronto Maple Leafs, cause I'm a HUGE Leaf fan. I'll collect ANYTHING to do with the Leafs. My dad has a collection of all collections, His hockey cards alone are worth $21,000. His whole back of the house is devoted to just sport memorabilia....

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    I used to have what might have been considered a mild hockey card collecting addiction in my adolescent years. It's what I did to cope with stress, go out and buy hockey cards, as well as other hockey memorabilia. I fueled all my money into it, basically, but lately I haven't bought much of anything. Once I have a lot more money, I'll probably get back into it, but I don't see that coming anytime soon. For now, I'll stick with the thousands of hockey cards I already have filling boxes under my bed, and a filing cabinet full of hockey card binders. I also have a small library of hockey stats books, and a bunch of other memorabilia, though no collection as large as the cards.

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    I still collect baseball cards, and sometime soon I want to pick up the 2009, 2010 complete Topps sets for baseball. I also collect pennants for MLB, NFL, and NBA. I also collect baseball caps from different eras of baseball. My prized cap is my 1954 Cleveland Indians wishbone C with Chief Wahoo in the middle of it as the logo.

    I also collect programs too. I have two Super Bowl programs, from XL, and XLII, an Indy 500 program, programs from the 1995, 1997 World Series, World Series shirts from the last two years of the Philadelphia Phillies, and a lot of other collectibles.


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