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    I'm Shane, 25 and a DL. I'm looking to meet friends obviously, hopefully some in real life too! I am into sci-fi and cars. I'm still in college. So not to good with these things, so I'll wrap up with this......HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

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    Hello and welcome to ADISC. I hope you enjoy your time here

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    Hi and welcome to

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    Hey Shane. Welcome to our forum. You said you like SciFi? Are you perhaps a BSG fan? Or, have you started watching the new series Caprica, and what do you think?

    Also, what are you studying in college and what do you want to do when you graduate?

    Just want to get to know you better.


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    I do like BSG, as for Caprica, meh. I have been watching it, but meh. My major is CJ and my minor is Sociology. As for after college, I am looking at law enforcement.

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    Hello, welcome to ADISC, The bugatti veyron is awesome

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    I love cars too, unless it's my one and I've got the engine apart on the kitchen table yet again! Whats you top 5 all time best cars? Welcome to our community

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    First, thanks for all of the welcomes. Coyote, my top 5 would have to be 1) 1981 Corvette 2) 1958 Impala 3) 2009 Corvette ZR-1 4) 2009 Morgan Aeromax and 5) 1958 Corvette. Although, if asked again in a week or so, a few of those would likely change. lol

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    Welcome to ADISC! I hope you enjoy your time here and also our nice and supportive community we have here. Peace and Love

    Where have I heard that signature before?

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