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    For girls, when it's that time of month, do you wear your diapers? Or do you take a break from them until it's over? I'm just curious, I hope it's not too personal or if I'm violating anything.

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    Nah, not too personal.

    Honestly, I don't even use pads during my period, just tampons. I hate dealing with the mess, and tampons are a lot cleaner.

    So if I were to wear during my period, I'd probably have a tampon in anyway. Although I guess if I happened to be really heavy, it'd be an option at night.

    It is one of my excuses if my roommate finds my stash...

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    personally, when i move out i want to try wearing goodnites as wel as a pad at night on my period. I dont even like diapers either. Its just that i toss and turn a lot in my sleep and sometimes i leak. During the day i wear tampons but i dont like wearing them when im asleep...

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