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Thread: NUK 5 Pacis

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    Default NUK 5 Pacis

    Okay, so I've looked around here, searched a bit, etc. Lots of topics are old, so I thought I'd just start this one up.

    Quite simply, I don't want to pay 30 bucks for a pacifier. It seems way unreasonable. Anyone know of a cheap place to get them. I haven't checked ebay yet, but I'm not that comfortable with getting something off ebay that could've been tainted in some way. Any help?

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    Ebay is as safe as your research.

    Look at the seller feedback for numbers and positive and negative posts. ie if they sold one item with positive feedback you may want to skip them.

    Also check the item description. Make sure it says unopened, or still in the original packaging.

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    meh... soooo expensive. I'm tempted to just go to the store and pick up a baby one, the biggest one I can find.

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    ^The biggest you'd be able to find in a store is a size 3. You should really just save some money and splurge. There's really no comparison between the 3 and 5, you won't be disappointed, I promise.

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    The biggest one in a store would be a Nuk 3, but even those can be hard to find.

    $20-30 is pretty much normal for a Nuk 5. Yeah, it does sound expensive for a pacifier (and it is), but I think they're worth it. A pacifier that actually fits your mouth is just... 1000x better than something that's too small and hurts your teeth. Also, the Nuk 5's seem to last long. I use mine almost every night, and it takes about 2 years for wear to become apparent (the latex eventually swells, and air no longer enters/exits the nipple as easily; it's still technically usable, though). I like to think of spreading that 20-30 bucks over two years worth of enjoyment: 2*365 nights = 730 nights and $30/730 nights = $0.041/night or 4.1 cents/night

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    You won't get much lower than $30, but believe me, they're worth the price!

    You'll certainly find Nuk 3s enjoyable, but nowhere near as much as something designed for an adult.

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    You can get a regular (non modified) Nuk5 at Fetware for $17.77. That is the cheapest I've seen them.

    NUK #5 Adult Size Pacifier

    Other than that, PacifiersRus sells the same thing for $24.99.

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    5.25 EUR at my local pharmacy. I've had one pharmacy that sold them for 4.98 EUR, but they closed down many years ago.


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