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    Couldn't decide whether or not this was a mature topic. Hopefully the replies are meritorious of that section, though!

    To the students everyone in here, what are/were your study habits? By that, I mean in what fashion do you complete your homework, and how do you study for tests/quizzes? Do you set a schedule for yourself when you get home? Do you automatically finish the assignments one by one as soon as possible (even possibly during class)? Or, are you like me, waiting until 10 PM to complete them?

    Or do you even do it?

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    Procrastination > Success

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    My best study habit is to not study at all. When i need to memorize lines/vocab words and such I try to do it either from the sheet or flashcards. When I am reviewing for a test, I just look at the review sheet a couple of times and that is that. Not a lot but I still do good as a high school senior.

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    I can never motivate myself to do homework unless it's later at night. I'll either start it at 11 pm, wake up at 4 am to do it, or do it during school.

    As for studying, to this day, I have not once studied for a test at home. 5 minutes before the test, I will quickly skim through the book for anything I am not 100% sure on (I can retain information very easily)

    While the lack of sleep really is killing me, I get some of the highest test scores in my class.

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    Typical night:

    Homework/study from 4 - 4:30 at the latest - TF2 till 11 - Internet - TF2 till 1am.


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    In general --> I read or do work at my own leisure.

    Exams --> I generally leave it to the week leading up to it. I take advantage of the fact that university professors tend to recycle questions/problems on exams. I go through all previous exams for the class and I make a list of what problems appeared on them. Patterns start emerging and I allocate my time accordingly; more time for problems that appear often, less time for the occasional oddballs.

    Assignments --> I do bits here and there almost everyday, though if I'm pressed for time I'll spend a whole day just working on it and getting as much done as possible. I tend to start assignments a few days after receiving them. I sometimes write multiple copies, particularly with maths assignments, which serves as a proofreading tool and gives it some good presentation.

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    How much I do: None. I really should do a bit.

    How much my parents want me to do: 2 hours a day. The Leaving Cert isn't until June 2011. So that's just ridiculous.

    I have a bit of a problem with homework. It's a half hour car ride home after school each day, so matter how adamant I am to do it when I'm going home, I'm too tired when I am home.

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    I never really had to study while in high school. If I understood the lesson while listening in class, it was enough. No need to study. Sometimes, if needed, I only read my lesson once before the test and I got 8 or 9/10 with no work. Even though, my grades have diminished a little bit - like mostly 7 or 8/10 with a few 6/10 for the two last years - I never studied. When my best friend came over to study for an exam, we used to play games!

    It could have been a good thing to remember my lessons like this, but unfortunately, when I attended college I faced the hard reality of not knowing how to study. Listening, at that level, is not enough. There is too much litterature. I ended up failing a few classes, until I quit.

    About homeworks, up to 12 years old, they were done when I got back home, right after school (before or after the afternoon snack, I don't remember)
    After that, most of the time, I used to do my homework in no time, during lunch, breaks, or boring classes at school, sometimes at the very last moment.

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    In high school, I wouldn't study at all. Now in college, pretty much the same, I'll study a bit, but don't really need to go all out.
    Hey, I'm holding a 3.4 in materials engineering.

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