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Thread: So, I was listening to this song...

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    Default So, I was listening to this song...

    So I was going through my itunes library and found the Hairspray soundtrack, weird, I know. But I listened to it, and thought that it would be really easy to make a diaper song out of it. Silly, I know, but I wrote new lyrics to "The Nicest Kids in Town".

    Here's a link to the original song so you can get the tune down: YouTube - The Nicest Kids In Town - Hairspray 2007 (High Quality)

    Here's a link to a kareoke version ^_^ YouTube - Hairspray Karaoke Nicest Kids In Town

    Here are the lyrics.

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    hehe, I know of an NOFX song that talks about Adults acting like babies. They use
    it as an insult and im pretty sure Fat mike doesn't know about AB's but..

    "So go back to your crib and suck on a tit
    go bask in the warmth of your diaper.
    You're sitting in s**t, and piss
    while sucking a giant pacifier,
    a country of adult infants."

    I'd rather not post the whole song, since some of you may be
    offended or not like the content, ect. But if you DO want to
    see the whole song its called "Re-gaining Unconsciousness"

    But yeah, cute song faus.

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    Great variation! Made me smile

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    The lyrics you made seem better if you read them as you listen to the song

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    This song should be like the National Anthem of this site!

    Maybe it'll sound better with a Dr. Dre beat!

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