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    Default Hiya everyone

    hiya I am innerkid. i am from New York USA. I like computers and photography. i also love reading children's books.
    I like to fall asleep everynight listing to toddler's/kids music and sucking on my pacifier. I think i become a lil one is to help me cope with my health issues.

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    Welcome to ADISC! I hope you enjoy your time here and our great and supportive community as well. Peace and Love

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    Hey innerkid, welcome to our forum. What toddler music do you listen to, and do you also wear diapers while you suck on your paci? Also, if it isn't being too nosey, what health problems are you referring to?


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    I wear diapers alot but not as offen as i would like to. I been using disposable diapers but plan on getting cloth diaper to try out as the disposable diapers gets wat to expensive.

    as for the kids music I mostly listen to the 100 songs for kids cd set sung by the countdown kids but also I like listing to cedarmont kids. as well as musicbox lullabies.

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    Hello innerkid, and welcome to ADISC. Enjoy your time here.

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    Welcome to adisc. What aspects of computers are you interested in? Have you done any programming?

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    nope I mostly do graphics work. I would like to learn programing some day though.

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