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Thread: So a quick question about delivery.

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    Default So a quick question about delivery.

    I'm thinking of ordering a sample pack of Bambinos and want to know what the envelope that they come in says, also, can you feel the diaper on the inside? I live at home still which is why I ask, however I'm at home all day so that shouldn't be a problem.


    p.s. Would PayPal be the route to go versus using my bank card? Pretty sure my parents watch that card.

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    It will say its shipped from "TBHG LLC" . I've never ordered a sample pack, but I doubt somebody that you lived with will assume you ordered diapers.

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    I've ordered samples from them, but I used USPS, so your experience may vary.

    It comes in a plain grey shipping envelope, so you can't see inside. The shipping label is as vague as it can get (TBHG LLC), so no one would know the company off the bat without google, and inside the envelope is another bag with your diapers packed inside. Yes you can feel them to an extent, so if others got it and didn't know what was inside, their guess would be as good as anyone elses. Seriously, one day before I had them hidden away, my sis picked up the package off my bed and asked what was inside (to my horror). After a brief NDE, I told her it was a pair of gloves. She ate the line of bull**** I fed her.

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    That sounds like just what I need, thanks hopefully shipping doesn't take too long.

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