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    After 100 Years, Are The Boy Scouts Still Relevant? | GeekDad |
    Are any of you Boy Scouts? Just read an article on their 100th anniversary and wanted to be one, yet never signed up (or had my parents sign me up). I had a relative that was, but didn't go far in it though. What are your thought or memories of the Boy Scouts?

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    To keep it short, I believe Boy Scouts are a very valuable resource as they can help do many tasks for the greater community and it makes sense for their numbers to be declining but I don't know how to explain that.

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    Pretty clear what's happening. Membership is only half of what it was in the 70's because the boy scouts haven't changed since the 70's.

    There's other stuff involved, like video games and television and the general hecticness of kid's lives.

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    I never really got into it, I'm not exactly the "outdoorsy" type.

    A few months ago I saw an episode of "Penn & Teller's BullSh*t" on Scouting. After watching that, I lost all respect. They are extremely prejudice against the gay population. I'm not gay myself, but I can't stand how close minded some of these people are.

    Check it out here
    YouTube - Penn y Teller Bullshit! T4E01 Parte1

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    I remeber it was kind of big when I was in 2nd grade back in 98 but I wasn't big into the outdoors so I didn't sign up.

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    My friend and I got kicked out of Boy Scouts... for what you ask? We used to have so much fun! We were in the Scouts for a year and never memorized a damn handshake or knot but we went to all the hiking trips. It was great fun and I recommend anyone join, its good skills you learn. I, however, was just a little too crazy for my own good.
    We would have rock grenade wars in the desert at night... damn good times.

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    I was in the Cubs for a little while but I left as I didn't want to say the 'do my duty to God and the Queen' bit, believing in neither God nor the monarchy. I was precociously stubborn as a nine year-old, I guess. Quite proud of that.

    Think I'm right in saying that there has been a bit of an upsurge in the popularity of the scouts in this country recently, though. Not sure that I view that as such good thing, to be honest. There are many admirable qualities to the Scouts Association and the general theme of public spiritedness is a good one, but there are also some dubious ideas that don't necessarily strike me as aspirational to kids today. I know, for example, that while members of any faith group are allowed into the Association atheists are actually technically barred from membership. I doubt that's really applied with great regularity today, but it's a bloody disgrace that it's still a formal rule.

    Baden-Powell himself was also a bit of a nutter, to be frank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaiden View Post
    I was in the Cubs for a little while but I left as I didn't want to say the 'do my duty to God and the Queen' bit, believing in neither God nor the monarchy. I was precociously stubborn as a nine year-old, I guess. Quite proud of that.
    This is what disappoints me. I just found out that they now require you to sign an affirmation of a belief in god and for me and my family, that would go against the Boy Scouts decree. So, at the moment, I'll be trying to find an alternative.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I like the concept of the Boy Scouts. Their primary mission is to prevent boys from growing up being utterly divorced from nature. They also teach self-reliance and teamwork.

    My two biggest gripes with the Boy Scouts is that you have to be straight and Christian. Being a Wiccan, I find being in natural settings to be a religious experience, so you'd think the Boy Scouts would approve of Wicca. However, this organization does not. They also don't let gay teens become Boy Scouts.

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    I was a Cub Scout, but never got to be a true Boy Scout. Started as a Bobcat in first grade, then Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and Webelo. However, I never completed the Webelo level due to not having a real father figure around to help me with some of the badge requirements. So to the BSA, I will always be a Cub Scout. I can remember that my mom kinda didn't want me to enroll in the scouts because of the fact that I did not have a father to assist me in the later stages, but I wanted to be a scout. I can't remember much from my experiences in the scouts, but I do remember that I loved the Pinewood Derby. I still have all of my uniforms and handbooks in storage over at my grandmother's house.

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