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Thread: Diapers that smell AWESOME

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    Default Diapers that smell AWESOME

    I went and got a pack of Pampers Size 7 yesterday for stuffing purposes. First time ever.

    Best. Decision. Ever.

    I practically got high off one because they smelled SOO GOOD. Just stuck one to my nose for a minute or two. Amazing.

    But anyways, what in the diapers makes that awesome smell? If they extracted that smell, and put it into a bottle, I'd totally buy it.

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    They did, it's one of the "Mommy Scents" brand of perfume.

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    You're welcome

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    Looking for link, might take me a bit.

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    I love that new diaper scent too. I believe Underjams have the same scent as well.

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    I haven't actually smelled a diaper yet -- I imagine they're all different -- but I thought the smell would be very important. I know with actual baby diapers, they have that powder smell which is my FAVORITE and one of the most comforting aromas I can imagine. If a diaper doesn't already smell like this, I kinda want to put baby powder on it so it does.

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    I have the link, I will tyr to post when I get home.

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