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Thread: AB Life Taking Over Me ??

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    Default AB Life Taking Over Me ??

    Most people must of thought that my adult baby life have taken over me because of wearing nappies everyday and sleeping in my toddler room which it has not and that I have got a real life ie visiting my family/friends and do stuff on a day to day basies

    I can understand why some people are jealous of me and why I have a understanding family and they way I live way life but I dont understand how come I dont have many friends who wants to talk to me or visit me anymore In the past I have been bullyed from school to work and why I am out of work now is due to health problams but when running a website like this it dos take loads of time and hard work to run but the good news is that I dont pay for the hosting now and runs from donations and I like to keep it updated for people to always come back and visit. It was also hard for me in the past when someone used to be me on other ab/dl sites and cause so much damage to me and now have to try to buld up my name again from the start and make new friends again.

    If you ever meet me in real life that I am a honest & truthfull person & very cuddley to get on with and very understanding to talk to…… if you ever feel down and want that support or just want someone to talk to about nappies or wanting that extra support please feel free to email me or add me to messenger which you can find information about me on the about me page of the site.
    (baby junior nappy page)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kitsuno View Post
    You know I honestly think he's telling the truth. And seen as this is a support community

    If you look at his website, I think you'll be inclined to agree.

    ToddlerJunior, it seems clear that you've let this side of you take over your life far too much. The main thing I can say is remove yourself from the AB/DL side of yourself every once in a while, even if you do wear nappies for incontinence. You've isolated yourself by living your dream. Unfortunately, most of the public just won't want to interact with someone so infatuated with their fetish 24/7.

    You cannot expect people to come to you. You ask why people no longer talk to you, but as you said you have a toddler room. You'd never bring any girlfriend/boyfriend back to that, so you're making it so that it's impossible to interact with anyone. You have effectively built a brick wall around yourself, and it's your responsibility to break it down!

    So please, please, take a step back and look at how you're living. You may think you're living the dream, but I strongly suspect you're not.

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    Self-control, learn it. Unless you may be in a depressed state and are emotionally dumping that into your diapers, then I would try to find a better way to deal with it.

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    i agree with thanksforallthefish, youve let yourself get so caught up in your fetish thats it has driven people away. you need a good balance in life and interact with other people.

    people in general are scared of what they dont understand. and our type of fetishism isnt considered normal to other people.

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    Firstly, lock up all your AB/DL stuff for a few months. Don't throw it away or you'll end up in a massive binge/ purge cycle and the issue will start all over again.
    Secondly, just because your friends accept this doesn't mean they want to see it, when your around them act like an adult. They don't fully understand your fetishism and because of that they limit how much time they spend with you.

    It is obvious that this has taken over your life but the issue appears to be that you don't realise it, the fact that you are 24/7 and have a toddler room emphasises the fact that this dictates your life. You NEED to find balance and limit the time you spend regressed.

    If you do this you will find your life much better and your friends returning.

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    Theres a reason were called adult babies and not just babies. While its fun and healthy to be that baby, we gotta be grownups too, its a fact of life. My suggestion? Redo your room, try to keep your mind off the diapers, if you cant work maybe volunteer, hang with friends, go to bars, clubs, have adult conversations, interact with peers at an adult level, get some counseling. Life is a gift dont waste it repeating your infant years.

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    That's why I don't let AB take my life over, I have a very active life. I work for a living, I hang at a bar, I also have a lot of friends I see when I can. I have an AB side, and I choose not to let diapers be the biggest part of my life and let the fact I like to have fun be the big part.

    Life is what you make of it, I choose to live mine to it's fullest. One day, I'd like to be a baby for someone, but until then, I am just gonna let my AB side not be a big priority. Sounds to me Junior, you need to get a grasp on your AB life.


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