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Thread: Relationship between diaper wearing and self-caring or lack-thereof

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    Default Relationship between diaper wearing and self-caring or lack-thereof

    I just made a similar post to a different thread, and after re-reading it I thought it would make a nice start for a discussion.

    I discovered years ago that there is a inverse connection between my capacity to self-care and my desire to wear diapers. In the simplest terms my need for diapers goes up when my needs for intimacy aren't being met.

    What I don't mean is something like this: "if I don't get enough sex then I wear diapers." No, it's more about not spending enough time taking care of myself at many levels, such as talking about feelings with close friends, spending relaxing time with friends enjoying and sharing artistic activities, "self-caring" by journaling or going for long walks etc.

    The typical time when I find myself wearing diapers for long periods of time is when I run from meeting to meeting, work a lot before and after spending time with family, travel a lot for work and in the end don't have time to spend with friends, myself and my well-being. In other words when I don't find the time to externalize and verbalize my emotional experience, that's when my desire for diapers is strongest.

    It's a simplification, but I wanted to get your reaction.

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    Makes perfect sense, psychologically speaking. Habits are replaced by other habits. Same thing applies here.

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    It also sounds like, when your stress goes up, the need for a release from that stress, i.e. diapers, also goes up.

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    I think I'm the opposite - when I'm busy at work, lots going on, then the urges go. But when I'm totally relaxed and happy in life, they come rushing back!

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    I get them more when I'm stressed. And it's more *B when I'm stressed rather then DL. When I'm not stressed it's more both.

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    My little side comes out when I'm stressed, either that or I have some depressed or panic related reaction as my stress level rises. Sexual frustrations are a separate issue.

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    My need seems to be somewhat related to sexual frustration. The more I am able to relieve any sexual tension the less I seem to need diapers. Though the need never fully goes away. Thank goodness.

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    Very interesting idea if you ask me, one that i have often thought about in regards to myself as well. For me my desire to wear goes up from apparently nothing however. Whether or not im partaking of any of the activities listed in the OP, i usually find my self wearing either during those activities or in the lack thereof.

    I think its cool you found a way to simplify your wearing tendencies but i don't think its that easy for me =\

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