View Poll Results: How important is good grammar and spelling to you?

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  • Critical: People who are too stupid or lazy to check their spelling and grammar offend me.

    11 14.29%
  • Important: I'm more likely to give credibility to someone with good grammar and spelling.

    47 61.04%
  • Indifferent: This is an informal setting, so what's the big deal?

    10 12.99%
  • Unimportant: As long as I can get the general idea, it's all good.

    8 10.39%
  • Reversed Priority: Actually, good grammar and good spelling pisses me off.

    1 1.30%
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Thread: Grammar Nazi Poll

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    Butterfly Mage

    Default Grammar Nazi Poll

    I've noticed a few flames here and there on the subject of grammar and spelling. One side says "Nobody cares about spelling and grammar", whereas another side says "We most certainly care about grammar and spelling." So, it peaked my curiosity to find out where people actually stand on the issue.

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    I think general grammer and punctuation are important, but some people on here really need to lighten up.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I voted "important". I'm not a Grammar Nazi, but I do think post that are full of obvious and easily correctable errors are less credible than ones that don't. It's also annoying to read posts that go something like, "Mi girfrend juss foundt my daipers an toll my parants! What wood U do if U were me?"

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    I've not voted because I don't think there's an answer that fits me!

    I think people should make an effort to get it right, but as long as I get the gist of it then it's not really important!

    I'm only likely to correct people if they correct me first, or if their post/what their saying already really annoys me. It's my way of showing I'm annoyed without actually getting annoyed at the person.

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    Though I don't complain about it (except right now).

    The thing that's annoying me on this site in particular is the use of the word 'cause' instead of 'because'. I trip over it every time I read it!
    "Cos", "coz", or even "'cause", but "cause"? No!

    I also dislike the word "Agendas". It's not a blooming word! "Agenda" is the plural! Sort yourselves out! You don't say "Sheeps" do you. Garrr....


    so yeh, if u talk lik dis... then I'm not going pay much attention to you. I'm less picky about grammar (I generally write how I'd speak, which is far from grammatically perfect), but spelling and (to a lesser degree) messing up homophones really annoy me.

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    Butterfly Mage


    The singular form of "agenda" is "agendum". That is fantastic! It's great learning new words. Most people also don't understand that "data" is also a plural form of "datum".

    One of my big pet peeves is when I hear someone use the word "irregardless" when they actually mean to use the word "regardless". It's really bad when you hear professional speakers and newscasters use "irregardless" in a sentence.

    Also, the "fresh" versus "freshly" confusion is a mistake I see in almost all forms of advertising these days. For instance, you can have "fresh, brewed coffee" or you can have "freshly brewed coffee", but "fresh brewed coffee" is a grammatical error.

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    It's important but if I see commen spelling mistakes I let it go.

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    Likes, I ain't not no nazi, but dat grammar is teh stuffz dat pissed me off, yo. (Yay for satire. Seriously though, I have the urge to correct people online, but I would not ever catch some of the more discreet word uses, like "fresh" and "freshly" xD)

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    I consider it yet one more symptom of the general decline in standards and self discipline ultimately leading to the fall of Western Civilization.

    I'm on the fence about granting a dispensation to those posting via a handheld device. Having been an amateur radio operator back in the days when telegraph keys and Morse code were common, I understand the limitations of mobile text entry. On the other hand, most use of handheld devices is nearly as moronic and unnecessary as their cryptic and primitive text output.

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    Butterfly Mage


    You are right about our civilization being in decline. There are third world countries with higher literacy than the United States.

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