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    Hello all.

    'Suppose I should get round to introducing myself. I think I did so on the old forum, but I was rather quiet so I'd be surpised if anyone actually noticed me. Anyways. Yus.

    I'm 23 (ack, I feel so old), from good old England. I'm out of uni, having done a Masters in Chemistry and I'm working in a lab making drugs all day, which is nice. I like cooking (and eating as well!), reading (however bar chemistry journals the last thing I read was the last Harry Potter - although admittingly I did get through it in a weekend), a bit of the old science and technology (geek!), music (I have a rather eccletic taste in music, can be listening to Enya one minute then onto some gabba the next), movies, the seaside (which sadly I very rarely get to visit - seriously, I could probably walk up and down a beach all day and night long). Yeah, nowt all that exciting.

    As for *b/dl stuff I'm a mixture of both, although I'm much of a 'kidult' then a *b - to be honest I'm not too fussed with bottles and sippy cups and 'baby stuff' like that; gimmie some cool pjs, my blankie, teddy and sit me down with a box of lego and I'm set! I tend to keep diapers and everything else separate - damn diapers and their whole sexual-ness detracts from the whole kidult 'experience', which can be annoying at times.

    I tend to call myself 'bi' although to be honest I'm more asexual than anything.

    So yeah, thats me.

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    Welcome to TBDL-I-mean-ADISC, Tedster! (I swear, I'm never gonna get used to this new name. >.>; )

    I hope you have a great time here, and make many new friends! n.n

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    Quote Originally Posted by tedster View Post
    having done a Masters in Chemistry and I'm working in a lab making drugs all day, which is nice.
    Seriously!? Like what?

    Well welcome to our community! I hope you enjoy it here!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eclipse View Post
    Seriously!? Like what?
    If I told you I'd have to kill you! Or maybe not.

    Everything I'm working on at the mo is all pre/mid clinical - so there's a ruddy good chance that the current drug whose synthesis I'm working on gets axed, which is nice. There is a (very) small chance, though, that I end up being fortunate enough to work on something that gets to market, which would be awesome.

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    I hate chemistry. which is odd cos my dad is a chemical engineer, and my grandfather was a chemist for Glaxo S.K. (scum of the Earth!)

    all my bollocks aside, welcome back, dude! ^.^

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