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Thread: "The B*tch is Back" (title courtesy of Avery)

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    Default "The B*tch is Back" (title courtesy of Avery)

    Hmmm...seems like just the other day I was signing up (AGAIN) for this forum...and here I am again...doing exactly the same thing (AGAIN!)

    I've been around here for a 'n on...pretty much almost as long as the Peach, I guess (if memory serves). *remembers when*

    Anyway...for those who are unaware of who I am...(what rock have you been hiding under?)...

    The name is Ayanna (I-anna) or Aya (I-ya) for short!
    I am The Resident B.I.T.C.H.!
    I am an adult, who's been into the *BDL scene for about 7 years now. I live in Canada, and have met a few *BDLs over the years. I used to have my own website, some of you may remember it, "Aya's Playroom" (It was reallllllly pink!)!

    I am an adorable baby bunny whose favourite place to 'hide out' is in the soft fur of a certain foxxy (his tail makes a nice warm blankey too!)
    Oh, yeah...I'm AB/BF. When I'm not being a B.I.T.C.H. or a cute lil bunny, I'm a rather obnoxious 2-1/2 year old lil girl. Although I'm NOT a 'mommy', I do have a delightful baby boy, his *B age is about 4 years (online). I also have a 'daddy' (online), and I mention both of them frequently, so be forewarned!

    I'm a genetic female (I've got two X chromosomes! YAY ME!) (I felt it important to relate this information as many people presume female nicks to be 'sissy' *Bs)

    I am known to many as a grammar/spelling Nazi, although I do make exceptions for those who do not speak English as their first language.

    Any questions, I'd be happy to answer...mostly. :-D

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    Welcome back, Ayanna - for the, erm, third time. Your posts always stick with me, with the bright pink font and everything :P

    ugggh I have to stop using the :P emote...I think I have an addiction.

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    Thanks andy...I've been using this colour since the beginning of time...or at least since I first came to the forum...aeons ago!

    *hugs Kwaiden 'n Humphwey*

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    XD it feels weird bein a nooby again >_>

    Hi Ayanna ^_^

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    *thinks he jumped on the TBDL ship at around the same time as ayanna* =O

    Good to see you back around here.

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    Yayz!! Wb Ayanna!! as a fellow member of the fox appreciation society who also likes being wrapped in foxfur

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    Since I lurked for so long before finally joining up (several years, poking my head in now and again), your pink posts provided some sense of continuity in my reading. May the pink continue

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    *runs and hides from the bitch* Oh nooooooooooooez! Even formatting the server and moving to a new secret location couldn't get rid of her! God help us!

    *gets distracted* Ohhh...bunny...*plays with the bunny ears and snuggles up in her fur*

    Welcome back!


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