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    I thought the idea of this site was great but now it dont seem like its getting any attention from whoever runs it, watch it slide downhill like dpf

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    Yeah I signed up a while ago but never really used it... Gets kinda disgusting after a while since every single user has a crotch shot avatar... Also some creepy people on there.

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    I have an account, sometimes I go there but not very often anymore.


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    Diaperspace is a terrible site, but it's still got its fun moments. Mostly my bf and I go on the chat there to make fun of people, but honestly, I have also met some of my best friends there... including my BF.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I opened an account a year ago it wasn't worth it. There are only a few posts per month from anybody and most poeple there are too sexually aggressive for my tastes.

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    I totally agree with the sexual aggressiveness of the site. It really is a dramatic as Myspace.

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