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Thread: I'm going back to underwear ...

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    Default I'm going back to underwear ...

    cause their WEDGIE FREE now!

    (I know its a pic of panties, funny regardless that my good friend had to share with me)

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    Quote Originally Posted by khaymen View Post
    I don't see a picture.
    Re-upped it. Working?

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    Finally! Now the difficulties I suffer when not wearing a thong will be over! Wait...I never have this issue!

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    Haha. What a selling point!

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    Brilliant! Stuff TBism, you, sir, have found the answer to all my problems!

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    Weren't diapers make to be wedgie-free like 65 or 70 years ago? Just remember that diapers were wedgie free way before panties/underwear were!

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