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Thread: diaper malfunctions

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    Default diaper malfunctions

    This thread is to share experiences where diapers have failed us.

    I have a anecdote about a diaper malfunction that happened at the Starbucks at the mall. I was standing in line and I needed to go, so I went. Not a lot, mind you, because I try to avoid tempting fate. Anyway I suddenly felt a stream going down my leg! I knew I was wearing a diaper so I didn't understand.

    I rushed up to the counter and pressed up against it so no one would see the front of my pants. I ordered my drink and rushed to the bathroom. I am confident that no one saw my wet front. Upon examining the diaper I found a millimeter sized tear/hole in the front! I have no idea how it got there, but it explained the solid stream that resulted.

    It was a private restroom, so I was able to use the hand dryer to get my pants relatively dry. After fifteen minutes I worked up the courage to leave the restroom. I rushed out to the parking lot and headed home. In the end, no harm was done and I don't think anyone noticed.

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    Three words: Tranquility Premium Fails

    I got them as a sample in the mail (by accident, I meant to get the fitted ones). Put them on, added tissue paper for extra bulk, used them. Soaked right through.. Biggest disappointment of my life.

    Then my roommate walked in, which was you know... awesome.
    Thank God for pants.

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    The worst diaper fail for me must have been when I had a pair newly washed jeans on over a diaper and boxers. Had to go, and yeah. The diaper failed it's purpose big time, and so I had to wash the jeans again.

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    This one involves a Depends briefs. At night at least 4 times I have woken up in the morning with urine on my pants around the crotch area cause the muzzle was pointed up in my sleep when it went off, flooding the upper half and leaking out the top and the sides (where the plastic tabs are). There was just no absorbancy padding in that area so yeah

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    This happened to me back in December:

    I was outside of a venue having a cigarette before the show began. My roommate was in the performance, so I went stag to support him. I hadn't wet before I got there, but wet a little while I was outside. All of a sudden I felt a trickle down my leg and saw a wet spot forming on the front of my jeans in the corner of my crotch area. Ughhh, much like ShootsAndLeaves' experience, it was quite nerve-wracking.

    While I never figured out the exact cause of it, I did have to suffer through the entire THREE HOUR performance sitting in velvet seating. I became really paranoid that I may stand up with a wet spot under me. In the end, I was fine, but it was a major fail from the beginning. Wa wah wah

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    flooding the upper half and leaking out the top and the sides
    God, I hate it when pee comes out the sides! They really need more absorbency there. Especially for people that sleep on their sides.

    All of a sudden I felt a trickle down my leg and saw a wet spot forming on the front of my jeans in the corner of my crotch area.
    That is such a "WTF" moment. When it happened to me I was actually worried for a second that I wasn't actually wearing a diaper and had forgotten about it! The hole was so big that it made a solid stream and it felt just like I was peeing straight into my pants!

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    I've had multiple fails, luckily all in the privacy of my own room. Sometimes, I've not been taped tight around the waist, and the nappy has moved down - so lying on my back wetting, it seeps down to the sides, and comes out the back - I've soaked my bed and onesie twice doing that!

    Also, I've risked a third flooding in a Cuddlz, and the front plastic has developed tiny holes from the amount of pee in it - so it's leaked out the front panel into my jeans... first time it happened was a massive WTF as I'd never leaked that way before!

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    i hate getting a diaper adjusted, or thinking its adjusted JUST RIGHT and then all of a sudden.. pop pop a tab or two break off, or dont stick and i have to get up and get a new one. argh!

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    My worst malfunction occurred way back, when I tried pooping in a diaper for the first time. I had only been back in diapers for maybe six months, and I was still using Depends fitted maximum protection at the time. Anyway, I went to my bathroom to do the deed just in case I didn't like it I would be in the shower so I could clean up right away. So hopped in my shower/tub got down on my knees and released my bowels, and it was at that exact moment that I realized that I had made a horrible mistake.

    I learned an important lesson that day, that there are some things in this world that simple do not go together. Two of those things are diapers and spicy Mexican food. I don't know why I chose to eat two chimichangas with extra habanero salsa on top, and then decide that this was a good time as any to try and mess a diaper.

    Needless to say the resulting diarrhea was truly epic in its proportions. Not only did it ooze out the legs, it shot out the upper and lower back of diaper, and even the front. It came out with such force that I thought that the diaper was going to rip off, and I was going to achieve some sort of lift off or something. The worst part was that i couldn't stop going. It just kept coming and coming, and it burned so much.

    The clean up was from hell. The only good thing was that it happened in my shower/tub so I didn't have to shampoo carpets or anything like that, but it got every where. It was all over the tub and shower curtain, and when came out the top back it got all over my back and I had long hair at the time so it got in my hair it was all over my legs and stomach. It must of took me three hours to clean crap off everything and get smell out of that room. I can't really remember how many times I washed my hair I think I ran out of shampoo by the end.

    Looking back on this I don't know if this is really a diaper malfunction or just a me malfunction. I don't think there is a diaper in the world that could of handle that kind of bowel movement. Even so I should have known better I was like 16 17 when this happened. I just hope that no one does what I did.

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    Now there's an FML if I ever heard one, lmao! Sorry, I feel for you, but giggled reading it!

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