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Thread: Best way to do the cloth diaper thing

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    Default Best way to do the cloth diaper thing

    I love disposable diapers, but they're extremely inconvenient for me. They're a perishable item, they are literally impossible to find around here, and ordering online everytime I run out becomes an expensive hassle to me. As such, I'm thinking that going to cloth is going to be the best option for me. Unfortunately I know approximately as much about cloth diapers as I know about quantum physics, so I need some help.

    The biggest question on my mind is, can you get anywhere close to the feel of a disposable with a cloth diaper? If so, what's the best option for a cloth diaper that's similar to a disposable? I also want something that's going to look babyish, which means I'll either have to get a custom made all-in-one (have seen them on eBay, certainly not cheap and hard to find with a babyish design) or see if the place where I get my diaper also sells babyish plastic pants. Is there anywhere that I could order both the diapers and the plastic pants without paying an arm and a leg?

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    cosyndry sell terry towel squares, velcro nappys, and cute plastic pants . Shipping may be a bit much through, they're heavy items.
    The thing with cloth is the starting outlay isn't cheap. You get your money back from not having to buy as many nappies. One or two will do fine, depending on how much you wear. Also I doubt you'd ever get one to feel like a disposable, its a cloth nappy, not a disposible sap/pulp filled thing. Totally different feeling.

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    Instead of buying cloth diapers try makeing them from a bath towel, buy yourself a cheap pair of plastic pants to start and then get some better pants later on.

    Good plastic pants are worth every cent you pay for them, but if you not sure you are going to like cloth and plastic or rubber, try the cheaper stuff first.

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    I think Angelfluff has cloth diapers with a baby print on them.

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    Good advice so far, and avoid AIOs (all in ones) they just don't hold up. The best plastic pants I have came from 3366darlene on ebay followed by My faveroite diapers came from DPF. Fitted (with leg elastic). Alas their no longer available but tri_county_cloth on ebay (same as sold me some great ones too. Contour Diapers though they now offer fitteds too but I've yet to try theirs.

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