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Thread: I'm not a furry, but I keep my eyes open.

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    Default I'm not a furry, but I keep my eyes open.

    First a simple observation of why there should be more female furrys.

    Second, something for all.

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    You mean keep your eyes open for other furs, or you keep an open mind? You may want to elaborate or give us a better explanation of what you mean. Unless of course you mean just references in pop media and culture, and you're just posting these up in good humor. Either way you might want to tell us a little more about what you mean.

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    That makes no sense.

    I know of plenty of female furries. In fact they are just a few less then the male furries I know.

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    I think first's comic's idea is something like this: Usually when you wake up your hair looks bad and we men know that females spend TOO much time to make their hair and face to look pretty. In that comic dog just shakes it's body and fur goes clean and tidy. Basic idea is that if there would be more female furries then everything would happen faster at the morning .

    Second comic: It would be much quicker and easier to go outside in cold if people would be like animals with dense fur that warms them. There would be no need to wear clothes. Nice comics

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