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Thread: Hi ^^

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    Smile Hi ^^

    Allo everyone I've been a carer for three and a half years now, and was introduced to this site by my tb boyfriend I live in NJ and am currently stuck in the Blizzard of 2010 D: . I play the guitar and the piano, & I'm on WoW on a weekly basis <3mages<3

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    O.O MUFFIN! OMG! I love you so much!!! ....And I totally did not see this coming, either...Uh.......Hi! Wow, wicked happy now...

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    Hello, welcome to adisc, have you any other hobbies or interests

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    Welcome to ADISC! We here would like to know a little more about you to eliminate any suspicions, so do you have any hobbies or interests outside of your TB/DLism? I would like to say that I hope that you enjoy your time here and also our supportive community we have here at ADISC. Peace and Love!

    Also, the color pink that you use will be very interesting for my eyes in the future. PINK!!!

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    Yay stuck in the blizzard like me!!! v.v

    Doesn't it suck? It's so effing cold, and I hate shoveling snow.. Hate it hate it hate it! x.x

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    Hello and welcome.

    Perhaps you could tell us a bit about your life and reflections on having a boyfriend who brought you here.

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    welcome to adisc Shelly, i hope you enjoy your stay, and i have been through a storm similar to what is hitting you right now, i do believe it was in 1991, thats what your blizzard is being compared to, we got at least 3-4 feet of snow that year

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    Hey Shelly! From one carer to another ... welcome.

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    Thank you for the warm welcome everyone ^^ I didn't expect this many people to respond my introduction. On Gaia, and suchness, no one responds to your intro =]

    Regarding if I have any hobbies, I guess I could add on a few to the ones I already wrote. i like to write, I've been stuck in the worst writer's block of the century for the past month or so and can't seem to break out of it, so if anyone has any ideas they're insanely welcome.

    To Mesmerale: Yeah it does suck lol, i amazingly escaped the wrath of my mother and got out of having the shovel the driveway. We got close to two feet in my area, hbu? And we're supposed to get another one on Wednesday x.x ugh, i just want the sun to come back and melt it all away =]

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    Ahoy thar, welcome aboard matey!

    Oh wait, I'm a ninja.

    I might kill you for being a WoW regular, but it's great that you've got a boyfriend into TB/DL. We've got quite a few couples on here, it's always fun. (Just ask TheFoxxehAssassin and Mandy! ) And oh yeah, you're a pianist. Rock on! What kind of stuff do you play? I do heavy/death metal on eighty-eight ivories. It's fun, especially the part where your fingers ache for 3 days straight after playing Master of Puppets, and the part where anyone over the age of 30 runs screaming from the room.

    Hope you enjoy hanging around here! We're a pretty friendly bunch. Have fun!


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