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Thread: Airport security and diapers, again

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    Default Airport security and diapers, again

    So, following the guy with explosives in his underwear, and the roll out of bodyscanners (going to be at all UK airports pretty soon I believe), what's the feeling about wearing diapers now through security? Assuming you don't wear them for need that is.

    I wouldn't risk it myself. Sure it's not that I'm doing anything illegal, but it seems there's a guarantee of a lengthy and embarrassing investigation as surely the diapers are going to be spotted immediately in the scanner and they're going to fear explosives in them. Are they going to ask to inspect your diaper with their bomb sniffing equipment?

    And what of the gel in the diapers?

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    Hmm doing some research on these indicates that it will display metal, plastics and some chemical compounds. Wonder if sodium polyacrylate is on that list?

    Either way, it'd be easy enough to explain away, so I wouldn't be too concerned about it.

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    They are probably trained to spot diapers, and when they spot it the will assume medical need, and the last thing they want is a complaint filed because they embarrassed some one with a medical need, plus I am sure that a bomb looks a lot different then a diaper, and with different chemical properties, security people are not as stupid as people would like to think they are, nor as heartless as people want to believe they are.

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    I'm sure they'll be trained to be subtle, so as long as you don't go with Bambinos or anything else printed you should be okay. They should assume medical need, or discreetly ask and do further searches elsewhere.

    Even so, I don't think that chance is really worth the risk.

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    I just went through Heathrow in diapers. They padded me down (as they did other passengers, too). No consequence.

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    You can probably make a bomb out of anything these days. I tell you what though, if someone uses a diaper to make a bomb, I'm going to be really pissed. If you think about it, wouldn't they then have to "inspect" every diaper they come across? Children and adults? There will be a lot of angry parents, that's for sure. Why can't everyone just get along and not bomb each other? Didn't we learn to share as children?

    That's why terrorism annoys me... because it's annoying.

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    if anybody get suspicious or asks just tell them you need diapers for a medical problem.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I'm sure that the airport screeners are actually relieved when they find that someone is wearing a diaper and not a bomb.

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    If you are REALLY worried, you could always pull a matrix moment.

    Yeah, *B/DLs are hardcore like that.

    On a lighter note, i have never worn out in public, so i think ill be fine.

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    Can I just say, I work in one of the airports that has the body scanners in the UK and the ASO's (aviation security officers) really do not give 2 monkeys if your wearing a diaper or not.

    Yes, I've seen a x-ray image of somebody wearing a diaper who was around 6ft tall.. Did anybody else notice? No, if they did they didn't care.. I only noticed because I'm a DL!!!!

    Relax, they don't care - I go through the same security you guys do on a daily basis and the ASOs have far more important things to be looking for than diapers!

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