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Thread: Cuddlz vs Cosyndry Onesies FIGHT!

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    Default Cuddlz vs Cosyndry Onesies FIGHT!

    YES YES YES junglest massive, init bruv, up in your manor chatting up your bird, nah wat I mean.

    Ahem. A review is in order on this fine boring evening me thinks. I've been meaning to write this for a while now, ever since I did the sleeper reviews in fact.
    The most babyish style of clothing the discerning adult baby could want. I'll be looking and comparing two different brands. Two from Cosy n Dry which cost £13.99 each. And one from Cuddlz ABDL Adult Nappy Diaper Store costing £39.99.

    Both of these companies are among my favourite AB shops. Cosyndry have some really cool gear, and they're easy to talk to as well. They also have a wide selection of products at reasonable prices. Cuddlz is a bit more limited in what they sell but what they do sell is good quality, and of course they the home to cuddlz nappies . Both of these companies are very easy to buy from, and to talk to over email if you have an issues or want information. They both ship discreetly, with fast shipping times all over the UK, and they provide international shipping options as well.


    As you can see from the first lot of pictures all three look pretty cute. I like the cuddlz one over the other two, it seems to be cut in a better shape, and the poppers come up the front which makes it look even more cute. Also the longer sleeves are another win for cuddlz, they look more like an actual onesie instead of a long t-shirt with snaps on the bottom.
    The designs on all 3 are really nice, the blue cosyndry one is the weaker of the three, I like the circus prints, but teddies on the cuddlz wins out on top. The teddy print on the blue cosy n dry seems to be a little over inked, so its not as clear as the circus print which looks very cute. Saying that, I love the writing on it, "I love my old teddy bear" is just so me .

    The cosyndry fit Ok on me, they're stretchy enough to take in any addition bulk, and can be pulled over a bulky nappy quite easily. The snaps being in the position they are can mean its a bit awkward to close up, they end up right at the very bottom of the onesie so you're reaching under your self trying to link up the right ones. Also the cut on the backside is the same as the front which means it doesn't do a great job of hiding the nappy, it still supports well enough so this is more of a personal preference. The sleeves is a love/hate thing I feel, they are very very short sleeved, but I like em like that, and they're cool in summer .
    The cuddlz one on the other hand seem to run very very short in length, the xxl is just 36 inches in body length (shoulder to crotch) compared to 41 inches for the cosyndry. I couldn't even get the bottom to meet, even with out a nappy when I first got them. How ever they will do adjustments for a small extra fee, and I was able to send mine back and received a new adjusted one (to the size of the cosyndry ones) with in a week. Even through the xxl where short all the other dimensions where nice and baggy, quite generous. I just asked for the length to be adjusted whilst keeping the rest the same. Also there is a lot more material round the back, mean it follows the shape of the bum better, and does a better job of covering the nappy. The elastic is also a nice feature, conforming to the shape of the bottom, whilst still leaving enough material to cover even a bulky nappy. The snaps on these come further up the front which means its much easier to snap together over your nappy. The longer sleeve is also a nice length, reaching just to my palms, great for feeling little. Also I don't know why but seeing my whole arm covered in childish patterns just makes me feel good :P.
    One thing I will say is to measure, measure and then, measure again. You want a onesie that's long enough to not be constricting, whilst also being able to support your nappy. I suggest measuring from where your neck meets your shoulder to the bottom of your crotch, whilst in a nappy that's as thick as you'd normally wear. Of course other measurements matter as well, but this one is the main measurement that you want to get right.

    From what you've read above you can tell the cuddlz is better quality then the cosyndry (well I hope you can :X). The cosyndry is made of a lighter cotton blend then the cuddlz, its pretty much the same material as summer t-shirts, thin, light weight, and cool. In comparison the cuddlz is made of thicker brushed cotton, which is also more comfortable but slightly hotter. The blue cosyndry has also started to develop a few small holes around the stitching on the crotch. This is mainly due to my love of wearing super thick cloth nappies every now and then, and stretching the onesie to close over the top. Still I had hoped the stitching would hold up little better. This hasn't happened on the white one, again because I haven't been stupid with it, but also because the blue one is about 5 months older :X.

    Both onesies have the same number of snaps at the bottom. The cosyndry ones do the job admirably, but are a bit low key, and again the positioning can be an issue. The cuddlz benefit from being heavy duty, better positioned, and people will know what they are (if people see you in either they're going to wonder wtf tbh :P).


    I know reading this you're going to be thinking “why get the cosyndry?” but the truth is there's a reason why the cuddlz is better then the cosyndry, and that reason is the price. £13.99 is a damn good price for any piece of ab gear, and for something as cute as the cosyndry it's a bargain. T-shirts costing £10 from your average supermarket are the same quality, and for a onesie, which is the most babyish piece of clothing short of a sleeper, its a great price. The cuddlz is more expensive at £39.95, but its also better in almost every regard apart from the limited print options, and the sizing.
    Personally the cosyndry is more of a “play” onesie for me, I feel like I can wear it loads, get it messy, dribble food down it etc. Plus the light cotton, and short sleeves means you stay cool whilst playing with your toys. Its not the end of the world if you stain it, or damage it. because the price means that its easily replaceable
    The cuddlz is more of a sleeping onesie, the long sleeves thicker cotton and the comfortableness of it make it perfect to wear to bed, where it will keep you nice and warm. But the price may mean you hold back from playing to vigorously in case you damage it.

    And there you go. Comments as all ways are welcome. I'm off to listen to some dirty dubstep and to finish my beer .

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    Once again another fantastic review Loopy.

    I think I will be buying one from CosynDry very soon. For the price its hard to resist

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    Good Review. I have only ever used cosyndry, mainly because of their huge product range and can also confirm they are very easy to deal with and ship quick. I have ordered a number of items from them
    - Footed Sleepers
    - Onesie
    - Plastic Pants

    and have never had any problems, would highly reccomened using them and their pricing is very good as pointed out above.

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    Very good review loopy, although I would like to address one of the points you made earlier. under the looks part of the review you said:

    "Also the longer sleeves are another win for cuddlz, they look more like an actual onesie instead of a long t-shirt with snaps on the bottom."

    This, I think is more of a matter of personal preference. When, for instance, I think of an onesie I think of a short sleeve, or no sleeves at all type, cause that is what I used to wear and know all my family members wore when they where young. Though, I love them both, the short sleeved version is the more babyish to my opinion. Though as I said: this is a matter of personal preference.

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    I think I like the long sleeves because well... it hides my hairy, muscly arms, and its warm when I'm sleeping :P. I've seen a fair few onesies with the long sleeves, and I prefer that style.
    I do like the short sleeve version as well, its really short, they come to about half way down my bicep, where as a normal t-shirt nearly reachs the elbow.
    Like you said its personal preference, all my reviews are based on what I think of the product, and I guess I like the long sleeves better then the short ones :P.

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    Wicked review again - talk about detailed! I'd love to order the Cosy'n'Dry one... and maybe a few things from the Cuddlz website too, like a NUK dummy and their apparently Bambino-esque nappies... but I can't do that for a while.

    Quote Originally Posted by Loopy View Post
    I'm off to listen to some dirty dubstep and to finish my beer .
    Let's 'ear it fa the soundz of tha Skream!

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    I have the Cozy and Dry one, and it's pretty nice - only thing is the softness goes after the first wash... a fleecy material would have been a bit nicer tbh. Also, mine is a bit too long in the crotch, but perfect on the body... shame! Looks babyish though so all good!

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    Thanks for this. I like when people do reviews of this sort of thing, since there are not that many around.


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    Tiny: I suggest getting a nuk from Inner Child . They're a simular price, but with modified mouth guards, so much more childish .

    ukdl1989: Yea I noticed that it lost the softness as well, but t-shirts tend to do that as well :X. Do you use softner? The cuddlz one has kept its softness alot better, the material is better, and slightly fleecy (brushed cotton).

    Quote Originally Posted by tiny View Post
    Let's 'ear it fa the soundz of tha Skream!
    It was skream I was listening to :P, his watch the ride mix .

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    Thank you for awesome review! I have been thinking buying onesie and this helps much.

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