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    I recieved a free sample of the Unique Wellness brief. I recieved a large. It is light blue. I posted pictures that compare the brief to an Abena Super size L/XL (BELOW). Here are my thoughts:

    First Impressions: The brief is very thick and very crinkly. At first glance it looked a little cheap. The smell is great. It is very (for lack of a better word) rubbery. :P

    Outer covering: The material is a thick, blue rubbery plastic. It is unbelievably loud and crinkly. Depending on your point of view this could be good or bad. Like I said before the smell of the rubber covering is strong, which reminds me of the diapers I wore when I was younger (a definite plus for me). The plastic is so rubbery that it tends to stick to your skin rather than letting it glide between your legs. The rubber is thick, but it does not stretch. As a result it tears easily.

    Tapes: Their are a total of four double tape tabs (for refastening). The adhesive on the top tab is super strong. So strong that once it is placed on the plastic cover it cannot be removed without ripping the diaper. This could be good or bad depending on the wearer.

    Fluff: The diaper is extremely thick due to an abundance of pulp. The pulp is not vacuumed and quilted like other diapers (i.e. Abena, Molicare). This makes the diaper extra pillowy. At the same time the pulp has a greater tendency to fall apart if you move a lot.

    Waistband: None. So, yeah.

    Comfort: The thick pillowy fluff makes for a comfortable experience while sitting, or lying down. The rubbery plastic makes the brief less comfortable to move around in because it sticks to one's legs.

    Performance: Simply put they hold a ton. The brochure for the brief says they were tested to hold up to 86 ounces. The absorbency is right up there with Abena X-Plus and Bambino. When wet, the fluff gets delightfully thick due to the abundant fluff and SAP. It stays firm and relatively stable.

    Best Use: The brochure suggests the diaper for active and bedridden folks with heavy incontinence. I think it best serves as a night time diaper. The rubbery plastic, loud crinkle and unstable fluff make walking around a little uncomfortable.

    Conclusion: A great, long lasting overnight diaper. This diaper is great when you are lying or sitting. It holds a ton and smells wonderful (to me). It is very loud which could be good or bad. It is as thick or thicker than a Bambino because of its un-vacuumed fluff.

    I hope this was useful, now check out the pics!

    None of the pics are meant to be "Crotch Shots" I just didn't want to show my whole self. Also, sorry about the image size.
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    Pics? :P

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    I edited the links :P
    They are now smaller and viewable.
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    Thanks for reviewing these!!! I just ordered my first case and now I can't wait. The pilowwy fluff looks soooo comfy. btw.. these are on ebay for 30/case (see my other post). I love abena xplus, but I wanted to try something new. Sounds like I'm in for a treat!

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    I did a little test of these myself, and I don't think the absorbency is quite as good as you made it sound. I had a large Bambino, and a large Wellness Brief, and I wet each of them to the point that they started leaking. I weighed each, after taking them off, of course.

    The Bambino was a lot heavier than the Wellness Brief, which leads me to the conclusion that there was less... liquid, in the Wellness Brief. I should have written down the weights, so i'd have some solid data, but I didn't, sorry. I'm not trying to call you out or anything, just offering my experience on the matter. But anyways, great review, I agree with everything but the absorbency part.

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    Thanks for reviewing these!!!
    No prob.! It was really fun.

    The pilowwy fluff looks soooo comfy.
    I know, right?

    don't think the absorbency is quite as good as you made it sound.
    That is fair. I didn't do a scientific assessment or anything. Thanks for offering your opinion!

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    My experience with these was quite disappointing. Primarily because the picture they use to market the diaper is not accurate and I did not get what I expected. Your pictures are excellent, and thank you. The picture they use to market the diaper shows padding all through the wings, belly and back. This briefs have thick padding in the crotch, but nothing in the wings, padding or back. Plastic on skin is not comfy! They absorb well, but no more than an average diaper. More false advertising! There is no way I'd trust these overnight or expect them to perform for 12hrs.

    Shame on the folks at Wellness Briefs for misleading DLs and Incons!

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