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Thread: Boy suspended for brining 2" gun to school

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    Default Boy suspended for brining 2" gun to school

    An irate Staten Island mom blasted a grade school principal Wednesday for treating her son like a pint-sized Plaxico Burress after he brought a 2-inch-long toy gun to school.

    "This principal is a bully and a coward, and needs to be held accountable," said Laura Timoney, 44, after her teary fourth-grader was nearly suspended for playing with the tiny toy at lunch.

    "The school should be embarrassed. This is a common-sense issue."

    Patrick Timoney, 9, was terrified when he was yanked into the principal's office to discuss the teeny-weeny plastic "weapon."

    "The gun was so little," the boy said. "I don't understand why the principal got so upset. I was a little nervous. They made me sign a statement."

    Patrick and a friend were playing with Lego figures in the school cafeteria on Tuesday when he pulled out the faux machine gun and stuck it in the hands of his plastic police officer.

    Boom! Trouble ensued, with Patrick's mom getting a phone call from Public School 52 Principal Evelyn Mastroianni saying her son had somehow gone from straight A's to the NRA.

    "I was in disbelief," the still-fuming mother said. "Why didn't anyone step up with an ounce of common sense and put an end to the harassment of my child?"

    Timoney said her boy loved the toy figure because her husband is a retired police officer.

    The elder Patrick Timoney, a former 72nd Precinct cop, couldn't believe his son was nearly busted over something so obviously inauthentic.

    "It's a 2-inch gun," he said. "She went overboard. She should have said, 'Put the toys away,' and that would have been the end of it."

    After a meeting between the principal and the parents, the boy was spared any disciplinary action. City school officials said Patrick agreed to leave the "gun" at home.

    "I'm never bringing a toy to school again," said Patrick, whose favorite subject is math.

    Laura Timoney remained upset. Her son, a typically eager student, asked to stay home yesterday because he thought the principal was mad at him.

    The mother said she expects an apology and may sue.

    "The toy gun is not the issue," she said. "A lack of common sense is the issue."

    Several parents at the school felt the principal overreacted, including Kim O'Rieley - whose son was playing with Patrick in the cafeteria.

    Her boy's Lego man was toting a tiny ax, which the principal deemed less threatening.

    "It's ridiculous," said O'Rieley, 36. "He felt so bad for his friend. They're taking things way too far ... No one is saying guns are okay.

    "Come on, it's a Lego."
    Laura Timoney fumes after son Patrick, 9, is busted for bringing 2-inch-long toy gun to PS 52

    My God!

    You guys know how I posted an artcle a few months ago about the boy suspended for long hair? Well throw that out the window because this takes the cake.

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    That's absolutely ridiculous... What's next, not allowing pencils? (Which are far more threatening than the toy described...)

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    Saw this on another site I'm a member of. As I mentioned there, I think people get out of hand with lawsuits all the time, but I really wouldn't blame Patrick's mother if she sued the school district. I understand that schools have to be very careful with what they do and don't allow on their premises, but there's a line between what's being pragmatic and what's being completely ridiculous. This is a case where the administration didn't just tiptoe over the line, they pole-vaulted the damn thing. If it takes a lawsuit to give school administrators and faculty a clue as to where that line is, then so be it.

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    The world can breath another sigh of relief now that this dangerous criminal has been reprimanded.

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    Oh yes, Chillhouse, I completely agree! This dangerous criminal could have shot up the school or god forbid, the kid could have fun. I understand threatning people with a real knife or something, but a PLASTIC knife is this same kind of thing.

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    Griz, you know very well that GI Joe toy guns lead to Columbine and your sarcasm to a VARY serious issue is appalling. please apologize or you'll receive a spanking.

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    I bet next time a kid gets suspended for pointing his hand out like a gun pretending he is shooting with it.
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    Zero tolerance policies are for folks with no capacity for reasoning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calico View Post
    I bet next time a kid gets suspended for point his hand out like a gun pretending he is shooting with it.
    that seems familiar of actually happening. i don't know if i can find the article, but i wouldn't doubt it not being true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by khaymen View Post
    Zero tolerance policies are for folks with no capacity for reasoning.
    Zero tolerance = zero reasoning.

    The problem, though, is that the first time little Billy gets beaten up in the playground, some parent will raise hell. Worse yet if little Billy gets menaced with a "weapon" of any sort.

    This will sound like old-fogey talk, but in my day, we'd go settle things our own way in elementary school. The girls had character assassination and the boys had fists (broadly speaking).

    As for me, I'd happily pound on anyone who I saw mistreating or gang-attacking someone who couldn't fight back. In fact, there's a funny story that these days would have resulted in me being ejected from the school district:

    There was this kid when I was nine and in a new school who made it his mission to torture me. This happened for the bulk of the school year. I was having a bad day one time, and at recess this kid started trying to kick my feet together to make me trip. I warned him, warned him again, then started to climb up the hill to go back to the classroom. He then pushed me to the ground from behind.

    I jumped up and beat the shit out of him. Worked his body a bit, pounded his face in, the whole nine yards. I looked up ... to see our teacher watching what was going on. I walked away, knowing that I was caught.

    My parents were called in to an "emergency parent-teacher conference" the following day. Apparently this kid's parents had called the school and they were all sorts of bent out of shape. In a room with my parents, his parents, and the teacher, his parents called for my head while my parents tried to figure out just what had happened. The teacher's verdict:

    "<Other kid's name> had it coming. He'd been tormenting <my name> all year long, and finally <my name> had enough. He warned <other kid> several times, then after <other kid> attacked <my name> from behind, <my name> gave him what he deserved. Sorry, but your kid's a bully, and I'm glad that <my name> beat him up."

    My parents came home and told me about this, saying that they were pleased with the restraint I'd shown (6 months at that point), but that they didn't want to go through that again.

    This kid never bothered me again.

    I asked the teacher, years later, about the event. He confirmed my parents' report of what he said, and told me that he was proud to see me stand up for myself that day, especially in light of the fact that apparently this kid tormented other kids as well.

    In hindsight, he risked his ass for me. These days, I'd have been banned from the district, he'd have been fired, and my parents would have paid some hefty legal bills. All because a little shit wanted to torment some kid and got more than he bargained for one day.
    Note: I'm not condoning violence. However, when people can understand nothing else, one good, solid, public display of violence is usually sufficient to bring peace--or at least civility. I've had a couple of repeat incidents, including a two-on-one (me) fight "in the park" (I sent both kids to the hospital) in middle school and one incident my first year of high school (sent him through a wall and into the hospital). It took exactly three fights and several incidents for people to figure out that it just wasn't a good idea to mess with me, and that was energy well-invested.

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