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    Default Double tape?

    I am currently in a Molicare and just noticed that it has double tapes on it. A blue one and a white one that says Molicare on it, and they are both sticky. Now is the point of the second one for retapping it later to get it tight or is it so you can easily take it off and roll it up?

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    I'm pretty sure it's to make the diaper conform to your body by making a difference in tightness. Could be wrong.

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    They are so you can adjust the fit. The blue tape can act like a landing zone for the white tape. It's not a great system because unless you re-stick it in the same alignment just tighter you lose some sticking area and they usually end up popping. The main reason they are good is it lets them use a strong glue on the blue so it won't move and still remove it without ripping plastic.

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    I think its for refasting, but I don't need to do that often these days, maybe if I'm wearing and moving and the nappy stretchs I'll retape. I usually try and save them for when I need to roll it up.

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    It could be for both refastening and for wrapping it up after it has been used.

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    It's there for refastening.
    There are a few companies that use the double tape system to make their diapers refastenable.
    Other companies add a front panel to refasten the tapes to, and some have velcro "tapes"
    Same function, different methods.

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    Thank you very much everybody for the help in answering my question.

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