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    Talking Happy I have support

    Hi everyone my name is Eric...Hits the SN Eriq83!!I have as long s I can remember had problems with incontinence and recently realized I am not alone.I am surprised at how many people actually like to wear diapers!!!I was out of diapers at a young age but always had accidents but my mom couldn't afford them so just delt with wet pants all the time..When I was 17 I started buying Goodnites and when they didn't fit anymore moved on to Depends(SUCK!!!).Then I found Kendall Sipicity and thought man these are great they are comfortable and kinda babyish...That when I realized that I enjoy wearing diapers even tho I basically have no choice but to use them!!So what I am trying to say basically is I am happy there are websites to support not only the ppl that need diapers but also those who "need"them as well!!


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    Welcome to ADISC!
    I'm sure you will meet many new friends here that share your interests.
    Do you have any hobbies? Fishing, Writing, drawing, swimming, video games, reading etc. What do you do for a living? What do you wish you were doing?

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    Welcome, friend...Come check us out in the chat room...It's more fun !

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    Yes isn't it great that there is support for those of us that like and have to wear.
    Glad you joined. I know you will find many interesting, educational, and supportive post on here.

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    Football, baseball, and music are my interests.I love to be outside love fishing and my favorite place to be is siesta key FL!!! I am married and have a beautiful daughter who is almost 2.I am a courier(I deliver packages).My dream is one day to be a music producer/sound engineer.
    If you would like to know anythin else feel free to ask!!!


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    Oh snap, you're a courier? As in, a bike courier? That'd be a sick job.

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    Our company don't have bike couriors anymore so I drive a car.But being a bike messanger would have been cool!!!

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    Welcome to ADISC! I hope you enjoy your time here and also our supportive community (so I guess this assures your thread title!)! Peace and Love

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