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    Just reading between the lines on this article and after considering the Patriot Act and other similar laws enacted, what laws do we have on the internet especially when concerned with the inter-workings of a national government entity?

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    Yeah, I'm gonna stop using that search engine altogether...

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    Small potatoes.

    The rest of our lives and activities--if you're in the USA--is so heavily monitored that this is tiny.

    Look at the UK-USA agreements, Echelon/Carnivore, warrantless PEN/Taps, and so forth. We already are in the gulag, ladies and gentlemen. I know that one of the leading Honeypot researchers had to discontinue his work a few years ago (2004-2005, I think) due to Michigan's "Super DMCA" laws.

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    I don't really see this as that much of a threat. Considering that Google was the one attacked, and wouldn't it be a bigger problem if such a thing went unchecked?

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    Until liking diapers, owning a footed sleeper, stuffed animals and a Nuk 5 is illegal... they can look at what I post, which is mostly all public anyhow.

    How much of the internet is really actually private anyway? Plus I never liked google that much anyway, all the search engines I ever used are 99% the same, pulling the same results.

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    Can't say this is concerning me too much, to be honest.

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    I think the problem with Google and other search engines is that they are starting to sell their top spots to large companies who can pay for the right to be listed first.

    I remember the Google news article when it first came out. China was hacking into Google so they could find Chinese citizens who were dissidents, or freedom fighters, depending on one's slant. Sadly one can easily remember Tienanmen Square and those who stood up to tyranny.

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