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    For the older crowd here, anyone remember Baby Scott Disposable Diapers? Time-line, early to mid 70's. Unlike Pampers, Baby Scott Diapers were an all paper disposable that resembled a large Kotex pad. Along with the diapers came special Baby Scott snap-on rubber pants that were needed to make the diapers work (hold them on), and to waterproof the baby wearing them. The diaper was inserted over a plastic t-tab located at the front of the rubber pants (inside), then once together, the diaper and pantie was snap fastened on the baby. No pins needed. Only one family I babysat for used them.

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    Wow, I have never seen these diapers but diapers in general have evolved far beyond that now. I'd like to see one of these. And the included rubber pants. I'm quite sure that in the 70's (although I'm too young to remember) that cloth was the norm so this is an interesting milestone.

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