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Thread: I HATE 2K Sports Major League Baseball!!!!

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    Default I HATE 2K Sports Major League Baseball!!!!

    I have come to hate with a passion the official baseball game of Major League Baseball for the XBox 360. I just bought one- And I have come to despise that game because it is NOTHING like the far-superior MVP Baseball games done by EA Sports.

    I am only griping cause I have to put up with tripe that SUCKS cause of this stupid exclusive license bullshit that is really starting to piss me off.

    Oh well, I had to rant and rave for a bit. UGH.


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    Which one was it? You must be a big baseball fan or something because i'm a casual fan and I have MLB 2K8 and I think it's alright.

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    2K9, and I also have 2K8, I only like one thing about 2K8, the extra stadia they have on it when 2K9 seems to regress after 2K8. I just have always preferred the stronger MVP Baseball series from EA Sports. I am really starting to hate the whole exclusive license crap.


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    Is it just natural for EA to be better than 2K? I am just used to Madden NFL EA having a monopoly on the NFL Games.

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    I am just upset cause it's hard to unlock shit on MLB 2K baseball, and that annoys me to no end.

    Especially Cleveland Municipal Stadium, my daddy used to take me to games there when I was a kid and I wanna play there again. Relive some of my old childhood memories of the old mistake by the lake.


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