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Thread: Your YouTube channel

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    Default Your YouTube channel

    I'm sure there's already been a thread like this but I didn't see one so...

    The purpose of this thread is to spread your YouTube activities to your fellow *B/DL brethren...

    Post your a link to your channel and give a short description of what you have uploaded, and if you want, your plans for future uploads

    Since I started this, I'll go first...

    YouTube - nilihelm's Channel

    It's just me playing guitar, mostly metal. It's going to continue on that way, although I'm thinking about doing some bass and acoustic covers and maybe some less heavy electric songs.

    Your turn! Cheers!

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    Hammerhead300's channel

    None of my own vids on there, but my favorites are awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MXmadman View Post
    Hammerhead300's channel

    None of my own vids on there, but my favorites are awesome.
    That Ferrari 430 was awesome ^_^

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    YouTube - fire2box's Channel

    only two videos, one just being a upload of a winnie the pooh episode.

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    YouTube - theakgunnut's Channel

    All my uploads are my own and its mostly geared towards survival gear, firearms, and sharing my conservative views. I also got a couple Rockband videos up.... not one indication of what brings me to this forum.

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    YouTube - Jade4Giada's Channel

    No upload yet, only favorites.
    Hopefully I will soon find a way to record myself playing the bass.

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    YouTube - Sandman827's Channel

    Put up some music, and it has all of the LRWS (Lawrence Ross and Waterhead Show) stuff including a bit Larence did with BTLS (Bubba the Love Sponge) and Stewie from Family Guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suspence View Post
    That Ferrari 430 was awesome ^_^
    That's the car that got me interested in Ferraris. Amazing cars, for sure!

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