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Thread: Happy Birthday to me!

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    Default Happy Birthday to me!

    Well, I'm 18 now, it is kind of exciting, haha. The highlight of my day I suppose was buying a Powerball lottery ticket and a $1 lottery ticket, haha maybe i'll win the $115 mil. jackpot prolly not, but it is a little fun and exciting being able to do it for the first time. I did win $4 through from my $1 ticket, so a good day, plus I got a few cool gifts, i got:

    A box of Take 5 candy bars
    A Cross pen
    A laptop case
    Car wash tokens
    A gas gift card

    So great day over all, plus I had a lot of people talk to me today

    What did you guys do(for the older members) on your 18th birthday?

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    Happy Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary dude. Glad to hear you've enjoyed yourself.

    My 18th birthday was the day right after prom. So yeah, after prom did after grad until like six in the morning, which was technically the start of my day. Don't drink, adn it was a dry party, but still gnarly. Won a microwave, got out-boxed by friend's date and got to a sweet mosh thing going for the only metal song they played all night. Went to Timmy's scored the perfect breakfast of ice cap and bacon and egger, listened to most of the Californication album and fell asleep on my couch until four in the afternoon. Then went to my friend's grad party, ate their food, and went to my other buddy's grad party and acoustically jammed with some punk dude from Nanaimo. Pretty much everyone I knew just doubled up grad presents with birthday gifts, but it fell like a huge jackpot of cash and Timmys Cards, so I was stoked. And then they amde me their cheif, and it was a solid day through and through. Didn't watch Highlander though, which is a shame cause it would have been the ultimate way to end it all.

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    Happy B-Day, d-teen... Glad you had fun. My 18th was so long ago, I don't recall what I did. I probably just got drunk with some friends, that was how I misspent much of my late teen and early twenties years.

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    Congrats on the 18th birthday DT, mine is in a few weeks, it's been decades since my 18th....... all the best people are born in february......LOL

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    Happy Birthday
    I don't believe anything interesting happened on or near my 18th birthday...
    I have a chronic lack of shareable memories....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ballucanb View Post
    Congrats on the 18th birthday DT, mine is in a few weeks, it's been decades since my 18th....... all the best people are born in february......LOL
    Haha, thanks! How old will you be turning in a few weeks?

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    Happy 18th birthday and your 351st thread! The most important day that I won't see til September.

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    Happy birthday. My 18th was centuries ago. I was a senior in high school, and I think I got things to use when I went to college, like clothes. Anyway, congrats. I'm glad you had a good day. You deserve a good one.

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    Happy Birthday !!! =D congrats ^_^

    When i turned 18, i turned my Permit into a license, i bought my first pack of cigarettes on my own, went out to a club with some friends and generally just partied till the sun came up... and i think i was uber late to school the next day haha ...

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